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    Insurance for in home retail shop

    mercibeaucoup Newbie
      Hi, I'm interested in establishing a shop in my home. My present insurance company said that no one will cover that situation. I hear from other unauthorized and unqualified sources that there are companies that will cover the shop and home. When I lived in Ohio, I opened a shop in my home, unaware of the insurance implications. Later I was notified that my insurance had been cancelled due to the shop in my home. I now live in Florida, which may make it more difficult to get the insurance...due to hurricanes; and to possibly complicate matters even more, we live on a coastal like which opens into the Gulf. I would appreciate any suggestions for companies which provide the type of insurance coverage I need. Thanks so much!
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          GrowthCurve Adventurer

          I think the first question is whether putting a retail shop in your home is legal. Is it?

          My guess is that it's not. Your home is probably not zoned for retail use.

          If you're using your home illegally, it's going to be difficult to get insurance, for either the home or the business.

          The problem is that if you don't disclose the business and file a claim, they won't pay it once they learned that you ran a business there. And if you disclose the business, they probably won't insure you at all unless your home is zoned for retail use.


          Check out this article:


          The woman quoted in the beginning is in Florida, so maybe she can help.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Insurance for in home retail shop, Welcome

            It would be nice if you told us who you are?? and what kind of business??

            Everybody in business should have an Accountant, A Lawyer and yes an Insurance Broker. The Insurance agent is on your side and the agent should be able to find you an insurance company that will cover your situation (unless you are doing something illegal).

            There have been posts on this site from Insurance Agents. Hopefully they will contact you
            (especially if you give them an email or phone number)

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                mercibeaucoup Newbie
                Hi, Thanks fon your info. Am I allowed to post my web store? If so, I would be happy to consider doing so. I sell antiques, textiles and interior and architectural decor. I sell on the internet and also in local antique malls and markets. I didn't give my name or email address because I thought it would be safer to have contacts or referrals posted directly on this site for both my benefit and those of others with similar questions and concerns. No, I'm not doing anything illegal'; is there some reason that you thought so? I did ask my agent about insurance if I opened a store in a portion of my home and the agent, or a representative of the agent, was the one who told me that NO one would provide that type of insurance. I know there are many B&Bs in Florida and some in our area, and surely they have insurance. I could check with them, but since it is a completely different type of business I didn't think their type of insurance would be applicable. Thanks again for your response.
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger
                Mercibeaucoup, just to clarify, I don't think anyone was implying that you were engaged in illegal activity -- the intended point was that in many jurisdictions, is it illegal to operate a retail establishment from a residential address. So I think the suggestion was that, before searching for insurance, you verify that there are no county, city, zoning, neighborhood, or homeowner association restrictions that make getting insurance a moot point. (By the way, in most places, B&Bs are required to apply for and receive a special type of zoning variance and business permit, so you can't really compare a retail operation to one of those.)

                If it's legal to run a retail operation from a home in your neighborhood, then other people are probably doing it, and someone is probably selling them insurance. In that case, I'd check your city/county records (public information, possibly available on-line) for retail businesses with a residential address near yours -- then contact them, see what types of insurance policies they have, and who underwrites them.

                Best wishes.
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                  proInsurance Newbie
                  you most likely will need a business owners policy... as well, if may nullify your homeowners policy. there is an endorsement to put on a home policy, but just for incidental business activitys; say a small office, a 1 - 2 chair beuty salon. if your retail establishment is in another building on your premise say a garage or barn you may be all set. check with your agent. or if you need a hand get in touch with me.
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                    DSTREET1 Newbie
                    That sounds like a great idea! It` s nothing like working from your own home. Here is a link that should be very helpful for you on having you own business, especially in your home. and click on "WATCH MOVIE" link for a overview of what they can do for your small business.

                    Good luck & God bless.