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    The Hiring Process Comes Under National Scruting

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      Talk of timely intervention! In the thick of job losses and anxiety over small business job retention, leave alone expansion, comes the question of 'hiring the right staff': yes, McCain's choice of Palin has gripped the nations imagination... triggering the great debate over 'the competence of a hire'. We belong in one of two camps: Great Judgment... or Poor Pick. The verdict finally rests in assessing the performance of a 'hire'... but ground-rules, rule: Aptitude, Attitude and Achievement - three critical criteria. Now, to move over to matters within our own grasp, as entrepreneurs...

      Having built an ace young outfit as The Capsule, I cannot quit repeating myself: Hiring Right is the single most thought-through decision one needs to make - to fuel your dream project/company. For example, if the level of competence of someone representing you, disappoints a client/customer seeking the service or product you provide... it is you - as the owner/manager - who would have failed. A classic case being how we seek a manager when faced with poor customer service. Because no matter how eager and enthusiastic an executive/clerk may be... as a customer, we need and demand what we seek (be it a level of service or quality of product.) Hiring and training BEFORE representing the service an employee is required to provide, is paramount. Not merely for the performance and integrity of your company.. but for the employee's own self esteem. A prospective hire cannot be blamed for being merely enthusiastic... the onus falls on the employer to ensure 'competence' matches the 'post'. A well trained employee with the right attitude is worth more than you can afford. Yes. Train hard. Pay better. Expect the Moon. The potent combination of competence and the right attitude will not only propel your employee towards achieving their own personal career will achieve your entreprenurial dreams in an ivigorating environment.