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    New Business with patents ready for investors

    J.Galt Newbie
      I have a patented line of headstone accessory products which mount atop any size
      headstone and enables the display of a photograph, flower basket, angel
      and other personalized affects. All displays are interchangeable and
      come with a lifetime warranty. New to the industry and I have seen a
      growing interest as well as growing business. I recently partnered a
      national company who is now selling my products for me. I service the
      general public as well as business to business. Ready for unlimited
      production with 7k worth of inventory. 40k invested in production 30k
      in advertising. This is a new business with promise. Afterthought will
      be your aftercare specialist.

      With the Funeral Consumer Alliance increasing the public awareness of
      dirty business practices within the funeral industry, more activity is
      being directed towards third party suppliers. Gravetending isn't as
      well known in the States as it is in the U.K, however there are a few
      businesses here that offer national service for gravetending. In
      Oklahoma as well as two other states, state law regulates that the sale
      of caskets can only be conducted by licensed funeral homes. 12
      Different funeral homes all failed a recent secret shopper
      investigation. People are looking for ways to personalize their loved
      ones site with quality products at fair prices.

      I'm interested in finding an investor/partner for operating costs only. 50k has already been invested and business is ready for unlimited production. Shoot me an email if you would like more information.