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    looking for website designers

    jewelgirl Newbie
      my home based jewelry business is about 4 months old and i'm looking for a low cost website designer. I've tried Yahoo, but it's time consuming and I don't know enough to make it look professional.
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          websolutions Tracker
          Jewelgirl you should check my services as well and compare:
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            bigcloudmedia Adventurer
            Welcome Jewelgirl,

            Congratulations on starting your own business. That in itself is a great accomplishment. I know looking for a webdesign company can be tough, especially one that will treat you like a customer should be treated, like a person, not $$$.

            I would like to offer our webdesign services to you. I know you have many to choose from but I would like to prove that getting a website created and running doesn't have to be a hassle. Your probably pretty busy and the last thing you need is to be worrying about your website.

            My company is Big Cloud Media and you can find us on the web at We build custom websites and web-solutions for businesses such as yours. I would like to do a no-cost website consultation with you to figure out what exactly you want out of your website and how we can design and develop it for you. If you are interested in this please contact me at

            Thank you for your time and I wish you the best in your venture.


            Koji Flowers
            Big Cloud Media
            "We don't just build websites, we open doors."
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              leolazarus Wayfarer
              hi again,

              i have taken a bit of time to put together a store front for you. the design is just to give you an example of what is possible. You can have just about any combination of layout and animation. I would like to discuss further with you the option of content management which would give you the control over the products on your site while leaving the form and function up to us. The site you can check will be at let me know when you have had the chance to check it out so I might take it down. The site is not yet set up with a service to accept payments so if you advance to far in the shopping cart it will throw an error message. Well enjoy the site and let us know what you think. Hope to hear from you soon.
              Leo Lazarus
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                intechspecial Ranger

                jewelgirl -


                You might be eligible for my company's free web design services.



                Go to to contact me.


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                  Buzzed Wayfarer
                  I already know that you have had a ton of responses, but I would like to reply anyway. I am an inspiring designer trying to get started. I went to college for around 3 1/2 years. You may take a look at my business site, which is unfinished thus far, but what can I say; I've been doing it all on my own as time allows. The link:

                  Of course my business is legitimate registered and fully tax liable. If you think I may be of assistance to you then feel free to contact me from my site.
                  Or with the number provided below. You also have the option of mailing me.


                  Neo Symmetry
                  P.O. BOX 453
                  Ocklawaha, FL. 32183

                  (352) 505-2968


                  Ty Whalin
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                    shahil Newbie
                    hi jewelgirl,
                    i have a web development team here in India.
                    my yahoo id is:-

                    please contact me so that i can send you my portfolio.

                    shahil shah
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                      foxhouse Newbie
                      Dear Madam/ Sir,

                      I would like to introduce our company. foxhouse design is a web design and application development firm. We are committed to providing e-business solutions that helping businesses achieve their online marketing goals. We specialize in web design, application development, e-commerce, e-category, content management system and website/email hosting. Over the years, we have established ourselves as one of the most prominent E-commerce developer. Please email to us if there is anything that we can do for you. We are anxious to do business with you. Best regards

                      Roger Tan Foxhouse Design IT Consultant
                      tel: +60 016 783 7622
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                        Buzzed Wayfarer

                        My name is Ty and I am always looking for someone to help get their business started. I started my own business about a year ago and things are coming along fine at the moment. At this point in time, I am doing some site changes and have not applied them yet. If you would take the time and look at my site for my business, respond back to me, and let me know if I can help you, that would be great. It would be great to add you as a customer to my portfolio. I have one site listed on my portfilio at the moment, and I am waiting for them to finish giving me the rest of the information necessary to complete their web site.

                        I create and design with the Adobe Master Collection Suite and make every available use of each and every program in the collection suite. It has taken me a long time to learn these different programming languages, and software to where I can actually apply my skills, ability, and knowledge. Take a quick look at my site: and get back to me...

                        P.S. There are a few programming errors on my site, but nothing I can not fix. Just have not uploaded the changes yet. Bare with me I know what I am doing.

                        Kindest Regards,

                        Neo Symmetry
                        P.O. BOX 453
                        Ocklawaha, FL. 32183

                        Skype: (352) 505-2968

                        Ty Whalin
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                            bigcloudmedia Adventurer

                            Good day and thanks for the post about your site. I am the owner of Big Cloud Media, a small, freshly started web-design company ( I checked out your website and I have a couple of suggestions.

                            I think the most prominent thing is the font size. I would try making the font (overall including menus as well as content) a little bigger. I have a slightly larger resolution on my computer and the text seems like 8pt font. This mixed with the white on dark background makes my eyes strain to read the text and it may discourage potential customers when they look at your site.

                            I would start with this and then continue to refine the look of the site and it will come together for you.

                            I hope this critique helps you in your venture.

                            Have a great day.

                            Koji Flowers
                            Big Cloud Media
                            "We don't just build websites, we open doors."
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                            intechspecial Ranger
                            jewelgirl -

                            How are things going for you?

                            Any progress?

                            Please keep us updated.
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                              angel123 Wayfarer
                              Hi ,
                              The reason why I'm sending you an email proposal about websites because it will help you a lot with regards to your business.
                              We can create websites it depends on your wants and needs and also it depends on the nature of business that you have.

                              Here are the sample sites for tattoo shops.
                              Please take a look and let me know which site you like, or the combination of sites.
                              On the bottom of this email I also wrote down all the services that would be included.
                              For example: logo, Web Design, adding you to Google search engine, etc...

                              services included: -Creative Web Design -User Friendly
                              Navigation and Lay out -Website Management/Hosting -Web Strategy -Content Development -Web Programming -Information Architecture -Logo Design-Creative Banners & HTML newsletters -Business Card Design/Flyer's/Promotional Print Design -Customized Programming -CMS (Content Management System) -
                              Adding Blogs and Forum to your Website -SEO (Search Engine Optimization) -Support and Maintenance
                              We currently have free hosting for 3 months!, we will also add a page where your clients can book online and pay online using their visa/MasterCard.

                              SHOPPING CART / eCOMMERCE APPLICATION

                              From the product page, it will have the name of product, description,
                              price and add-to-cart feature. Once a customer clicks on a product, it will
                              take them to the payment page. This is where they will enter all payment
                              information; Pay pal, interact online and credit card functions can be added
                              for payment. All invoice information will be sent to an e-mail account of
                              your choice.

                              CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

                              This will allow you to add products and change content on your own. You
                              will be able to log into an administration section in the back-end of your
                              site. The application is simplified and very user friendly. You wont need
                              anyone to do the minor changes, and with this, you can save a lot of



                              Please take a look at our online portfolio


                              Send me the specifications and information so we can start working on it. We are
                              also offering free web hosting for 3 months!

                              I am looking forward to talking to you again and to be able to help you
                              and your company get the website you need without overspending.We
                              guarantee that your brand new website will have a direct impact on your

                              Search Engine Optimization

                              Did you know that 81% of global Internet users rely on search engines and
                              directories to find the information they need? It's true. Therefore, ranking highly
                              in search engines and directories should be critical to your Internet marketing.

                              How we do guarantee SEO?

                              Keyword analysis & strategies

                              We will review your web site and that of your competitors and examine the key
                              phrases applicable for your business. We will also take inputs from you during this
                              period since no one can know your business better than you together with
                              competition-analyze and internet-tools. You can give as many key phrases as you

                              Link popularity

                              Based on the initial list of keywords, we will arrive at a final list of keywords
                              after considering the popularity of each keyword among users.Current Projects

                     This is a site for realtors and home owners to network. We did SEO
                              services for them and they receive roughly 100,000 -200,000 clicks per month. We
                              used key word insertion and link exchange.

                     Cleaning service. Basic SEO was done with this site. We key
                              word optimized and inserted meta-tags. They have noticed more volume to their site.

                              These are just some more recent projects we have done with SEO. Please send me over
                              some keywords you would want to target so I could get a better idea on a quote.

                              Feel free to reach us Monday to Friday 9-5 at 866-375-0772 and check out our
                                • Angel Smith
                              Global Marketing Manager
                              T: 866-375-0772
                              F: 866-851-7034
                              Skype: chrizie2
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                                TifSolutions Newbie

                                I can build a website for you at a low price. Please email me more information to
                       You can also check out my website at
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                                  pdmiller Adventurer
                                  check out Affordable Web Design and Graphic Solutions. (

                                  Patty Miller
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                                    pdmiller Adventurer
                                    You can check out my business:

                                    Patty Miller, owner
                                    Affordable Web Design and Graphic Solutions
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                                      lauracmar Newbie
                                      I realize this is an older post, but thought I'd recommend a great friend of mine. His web address is He did my website and I'm thrilled with it. Even if you've found a web designer, take a look at Chad's work.
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                                        smokeyquartz Newbie
                               They have an wonderful program that I myself have used to get my websit up and going! There is a fee of course but they give you all the tools that you need.
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                                          sahathom Wayfarer
                                          hi, we can help you out, especially since you are starting out we understand that your budget is limited. We are a small company that does things a little differently by offering monthly contracts for web design and development including ecommerce services. Our prices are low and affordable and start at $25/month. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions!
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                                            Anne87 Wayfarer
                                            Have you got a professional-looking and cost-effective website for your jewelry business?

                                            I can share you some info to solve your concerns about bulding a website ...
                                            reach me at
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                                              shatherley Newbie

                                              My name is Steve Hatherley and I am interested making a bid to do the design for your site . I am an owner of a small web design start-up company called "Reflection Technologies, LLC". We specialize in Web Design and making fun, interactive Wen Applications. We are just starting out though and are looking for projects.

                                              Our team consists of Myself (Brand Cohesion, Analyst, Project Coordinator, Application Developer), Dylan Wilkinson (Graphics Artist), and Jared Allen ( Interactive Components, Web Development, Search Engine Optimization ). We can rise to meet any challenge using the latest technology available. I have extensive experience in Web Application Development using Open Source technology. I also have several years of experience developing using the .NET framework (both desktop and web applications). Prior to workign on my own, I worked for one of Houston's premeir Strategic Marketing Firms - Gelb Consulting Group, Inc ( ) and have received formal training in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine / Web Marketing from Schipul - THE Web Marketing Company ( )

                                              We have been busy building a website for a RE/MAX Platinum real estate agent here in The Woodlands named Michael Zabrycki. Michael wanted the site to be classy, simple, and to the point. He had a very specific vision for the site and we are going to be launching it to the web over the weekend. You can demo the site here: . If you would like to give Michael a call he would be more than happy to vouch for our services (Cell: 832.628.2206)

                                              Dylan is a very talented artist with a lot of high quality printed material in circulation. He has worked for Gulf States Toyota on their marketing campaign for the Toyota Tundra. His resume is available upon request and you can view his online design portfolio here:WWW.COROFLOT.COM/DFUNK

                                              We have flexible pricing structures and can provide as much (or little) site as you like, in any style. Our standard package consist of a 2 page templates (Home & Interior page), Contact form, Your choice of special effects such as Iphone style cover flow photo albums, light boxes, etc, as well as ongoing SEO & Monthly Site maintenance starting at just $750. We can integrate with any CMS or eCommerce solution. You will have to excuse our (admittedly bad) existing company website. We are in the process of launching a new, cleaner design in conjunction with Michael's website.

                                              We would greatley appreciate the opporunity to speak with you about working together.


                                              Steve Hatherley II
                                              Project Coordinator

                                              Reflection Technologies, LLC
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                                                designpeople Wayfarer
                                                Hi Jewelry girl,

                                                This is to introduce our company, The Design People. We specialize in designing and developing custom websites for any business but we also have some existing template sites that are easily adaptable to your jewelry business. The template site are definitely more cost-effective than having a full custom site designed and built for you.

                                                Please do check out our website: Call us for a free consultation!


                                                Merci Lim
                                                Account Executive
                                                The Design People - Websites for Business
                                                1.800.850.7707 x 331
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                                                  ViViSkinny11. Adventurer
                                                  the best on the planet is Jason from DETAILS ALL MEDIA 480 855 1862 or you can email him at

                                                  He was referred to me by someone in the business. He is honest and loves what he does. He is NOT into sticking you with a big bill because you dont know what is going on. 100% THE BEST TALENT AND CREATIVITY IVE COME ACROSS YET!

                                                  Or you can check out my site at I did mine before i met up with Jason. I can help you as well.
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                                                    stevepat Adventurer

                                                    I am from SmallBizExpress, leading web company in NY. We provide all kind of web soultions which includes site development to Website marketing using PPC(pay per click), SEO ect., I found your request so wanted to help you for best and cheep packge for your website.

                                                    Check link below to choose your package.

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                                                      JSMweb Newbie
                                                      Dear Lady/Sir,

                                                      Please log on to
                                                      Hopefully we can help you and make the price be suitable as well!

                                                      JSM Team
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                                                        BtmLineCopy Wayfarer
                                                        Hi JewelGirl,

                                                        I know how difficult it is to find a web designer, believe me I went through the thickets once too. One thing that I would like to stress is once you have a designer, you should consider hiring a copywriter to get the right message across. The ultimate goal of a website should be to effectively communicate to your audience what you do and why they should consider you for their needs. We own a copywriting business that specializes on this very important point. If interested, please look at our website at and give us a shout. We concentrate on helping people realize the dream of successful business ownership and take into consideration the tight budgets that go along with opening a business.

                                                        If you have any questions, or would like to meet the web designer that did our site, please don't hesitate to call ok?


                                                        Bottom Line Copywriters, LLC
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                                                          spacemonkey Adventurer
                                                          Home based jewelry business --
                                                          How are you selling your products (online or offline).

                                                          If you are selling your products online and want to get your payments online then you need a payment gateway on your site (Try paypal). You will also need to get associated with dilivery/mailing services to mail your product to the customer.
                                                          Try an ebay estore as well.


                                                          If your are selling your products offline then you just have to post your products online and the prices -- then customers view the product and come to your store to buy it.

                                                          If you want to design a website dont worry about it. There are many free website designs online. You just have to google - free website designs.

                                                          Ps. You will need a domain name (get them quick b4 they go) and a someone to host this site.

                                                          Good luck. - let me know if this helps. (I am pretty good and online business so keep in touch for help)
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                                                            Interactive Newbie

                                                            I would like to introduce you my Team Global Interactive Solutions, Global Interactive Solutions, Inc. is a consulting, management and designing
                                                            team. We create compelling graphics, web development, IT support and programming solutions that deliver the customer satisfaction.

                                                            Whatever options you are interested in, we offer a FREE, non-obligation consultation to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have. We're committed to service, collaboration, and communication throughout each step of the development and deliver the project on time, on specs and on budget. Global Interactive Solutions, Inc. is happy to help you run your business smarter.

                                                            Im glad working with you on your Project.

                                                            Just send me your reply at
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                                                              cj_cde Wayfarer
                                                              Hi jewelgirl,

                                                              I think I might be able to provde you with a low cost solution of the highest quality. If you are interested I would like to hear more about you require for your site. Please email me at the address in my profile.

                                                              Thank you and I hope to hear from you.

                                                              cj_cde (Chris)
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                                                                Ms_Boss Adventurer
                                                                Here is the company I used for my site. They were great with everything including pricing, the design process, and all web set up functions. check it out

                                                                Affordable Web Design and Graphic Solutions (AWDGS)
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                                                                  Royel Corp WET Wayfarer

                                                                  MY NAME IS ROBERT AND I WORK FOR A COMPANY CALLED, ROYEL DEAL TIME
                                                                  INCORPORATED. WE DO PROFESSIONAL WEBSITES FOR $200.00! ANY WEBSITE! OUR
                                                                  PROFESSIONAL DESIGNERS ARE READY TO WORK WITH YOUR COMPANY..

                                                                  CONTACT US AT:

                                                                  ROYEL DEAL TIME INCORPORATED
                                                                  4618-A S. KEDZIE AVE.
                                                                  CHICAGO, IL 60632

                                                                  AND EQUIRE ABOUT THE WEBSITE SET UP.

                                                                  WE ARE PROFESSIONAL, EXPERIENCED AND INSURED!

                                                                  EMAIL US AT: ROYELDEALTIMEINC@ATT.NET

                                                                  WE ARE LICENSED, A REAL BUSINESS STORE FRONT, EXPERIENCE AND A MILLION DOLLAR INSURED...
                                                                  WE ACCPET ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS, CHECKS, CASH, MONEY ORDERS AND SO ON..

                                                                  WE DO ANY REQUESTED WEB SITES, FOR 200.00 BECAUSE WE HAVE 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE.
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                                                                    Vasanth Newbie
                                                                    We are a professional group of Engineers working in S/w company and we undertake website development at highly competative rate.
                                                                    you can contact us at +91 98802 95735

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                                                                      exmmedia Wayfarer

                                                                      We are a web design and marketing team that is located in Orange, California.
                                                                      We can get the project complete on time and under your budget.


                                                                      Below is our backgrounds and websites that we have recently finished.

                                                                      Our leading programmer has over 9 years experience and a BA in Computer Graphics,

                                                                      Our graphic designer has a little over 4 years and a BS in Computer Science.

                                                                      These are the sites we've done recently:


                                                                      You can see our full portfolio here:

                                                                      Our skill sets do Include all backend Coding and RPS's:

                                                                      ·Web 2.0

                                                                      Were very good in Graphic Design and Flash Development

                                                                      We've coded many shopping carts and backend management systems.

                                                                      Please give us a Call at 714.277.4597, I look forward to helping you succeed.
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                                                                        shahil Newbie
                                                                        hi jewelgirl,
                                                                        you could look our my work profile.

                                                                        we are a group of youngsters started this company.
                                                                        we have a specialised team for designing, coding, flash and content writing and could provide you with a very good, cheap and reliable web hosting.
                                                                        my email id is:-


                                                                        you could email me if you have any queries.

                                                                        shahil shah.
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                                                                          iamanda80 Newbie
                                                                          Pursuit Vision is a global IT solutions company. We provide full-cycle services
                                                                          in the areas of software development, web-based enterprise solutions, web application
                                                                          and portal development. Combining our solid business domain experience, technical
                                                                          expertise, profound knowledge of latest industry trends and quality-driven delivery
                                                                          model we offer progressive end-to-end web solutions. We are passionate about our
                                                                          work and will strive to solve our clients' needs. We take a personal interest
                                                                          in the success of our clients and work collaboratively to ensure that the end product
                                                                          is something to be proud of, which fulfills client objectives.

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                                                                            stevepat Adventurer
                                                                            We're a
                                                                            small company called Small Biz Express based in Irvington, NY.

                                                                            We have
                                                                            designed and developed over a hundred websites. ( Here are a few:,, ).
                                                                            You can see more of our work at

                                                                            Let me
                                                                            know if you want to take this forward. You can reach us at 800-613-9681 or just mail me


                                                                            you and look forward to hearing from you


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                                                                              Tushar Wayfarer



                                                                              We have more than 13 years of experience in website designing, search engine optimization, software development, logo design, banner design. We had gone through your project requirement thoroughly. We would like to see the enhance details your project so as to start the work as soon as possible.


                                                                              We would also appreciate if you would get the time to see our portfolio at and


                                                                              Thanks and regards,




                                                                              Website designer.


                                                                              Metasense Inc
                                                                              New Jersey
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                                                                                moreskydesign Newbie
                                                                                Dear Madam: I am a professional web designer. Please send your contact to Best Regards D. More
                                                                                • Re: looking for website designers
                                                                                  studio 525 Adventurer
                                                                                  We're definitely not the cheapest price on the block. But our website has tons of free information you should probably see before you hire a website designer, whether it's us or someone else. We don't actually sell website design or development. We sell sales results. It's a very different approach.

                                                                                  If you want to sell a product or service through your website, you need to know:
                                                                                  1. How to get highly targeted traffic.
                                                                                  2. How to convert those visitors into paying customers.

                                                                                  There are many services that can help you with traffic. Not so many that can help you with sales. People starting web marketing or web-based businesses often have years of very low or non-existent sales before they finally contact us.

                                                                                  Don't make that mistake. Learn how to get solid results before you build your website. It's something most website designers don't seem to know how to do. At least that's what we hear from our clients who've had years of bad experiences before they came to us. And it's really pretty obvious from most websites. Pretty, but no compelling reason to buy anything.

                                                                                  So get the free information. Take it to a cheaper designer. Or hire us as consultants. Or, if you can afford it, hire us to build a site that really works.

                                                                                  But you owe it to yourself to learn this information before you start.

                                                                                  Good luck and good selling,

                                                                                  Peter Cutler
                                                                                  Principal/Creative Director
                                                                                  studio 525

                                                                                  We don't just create websites.
                                                                                  We create results.
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                                                                                    zoselco Newbie
                                                                                    Greetings jewel girl.

                                                                                    I know you have been bombarded with replies here, but just thought I would suggest using Wordpress with the Shopp plugin to sell your products online. It is the by far the easiest, most effective tool I've come across for small businesses to make money online. We've done quite a bit of work using wordpress for small businesses like yours, and it is very inexpensive (really). You can have all the functionality of a big time website (complete control over all content) for an incredibly low cost.


                                                                                    Any questions, email me

                                                                                    • Re: looking for website designers
                                                                                      Knoxwebdesign Newbie
                                                                                      I would be honored to set up site for anyone .. I specialize in professional flash sites
                                                                                      at a fraction of the cost. I have no problem setting up a sample site advertising your
                                                                                      business at no cost to you so youll see what youre getting.. call me anytime..
                                                                                      1-213-250-6044 ext#629
                                                                                      • Re: looking for website designers
                                                                                        JaniceRu Newbie

                                                                                        Hi Jewelgirl, what kind of website do you want for your jewelry shop? rates are from $20 to $100. email me back at if interested. thanks
                                                                                          • Re: looking for website designers
                                                                                            studio 525 Adventurer
                                                                                            To Jewelgirl and everyone looking for a web designer for their first business website,

                                                                                            Even if you're looking for the lowest cost vendor or to do it all yourself, the first thing you need to understand is how this website is going to help your business and your sales. There are so many myths and misunderstandings about this. And, as the web environment changes so quickly, what was true last year may not be true today.

                                                                                            So before you hire a designer or explore free or inexpensive templates or open source CMS (all good technical solutions for the appropriate situation) understand exactly what needs to be done to
                                                                                            1. bring targeted, pre-qualified traffic to your website
                                                                                            2. convert that traffic into buyers or solid leads
                                                                                            3. build a list of people interested in your products and services that you can continue to market to through an Email Newsletter that they ask you to send them.

                                                                                            Those are the three things you need for your website to help your business. Even if all you want is a place for your potential customers to get your address, directions and phone number and know a little bit about what you do and sell (brochureware), it still won't help you if 1. nobody finds your website and 2. once they see it they decide they don't want to do business with you after all.

                                                                                            Because successfully creating all three of those steps (or even one of them) is quite complex and involved, I highly recommend learning how to accomplish these three steps before you ever talk to a designer or look for technology to do it yourself. If you understand how to accomplish those three steps, you will know what to look for in a designer and what to stay away from and you will know which technology will best help you attain success in those three critical steps.

                                                                                            The goal of all businesses is sales. If you don't sell, you don't survive. The goal of every business website should also be sales, whether it's leads, pre-qualified foot traffic or phone calls, or direct sales from the website itself. If you are new to the web, you will find that a great many web designers and developers do not understand basic sales psychology and marketing. This is why so many beautiful looking websites get such incredibly poor business results.

                                                                                            Most of our clients already have a website. Often it's already gone through many revisions with many different web designers and developers before they come to us. And the website still converts less than 10% of its visitors and sales are no better than 2 or 3%. The sites look great, but there are so many marketing and sales mistakes. The copywriting is terrible from a sales perspective. And they leave out or mishandle almost every web marketing technique in the book.

                                                                                            That's why we're able to get such great results in so little time. We just increased conversions for one client 1,875% and sales 688%. And the website had just been completely redesigned by a leading web development company (for big bucks) a little over a year ago.

                                                                                            Why put yourself through years of frustration and misery as my clients have done. Start out knowing what you need to know. Ask any designer you're thinking of working with, not only how cheap they are, but what kind of sales results they get for their clients. It's a simple question. But it doesn't seem to be asked very often. And few designers offer an answer on their own. You can understand why.

                                                                                            You can find everything you need to know about creating a successful website that gets great results in a free 48 page e-book we offer on our webite. The Complete Online Sales System: 5 Proven Steps To Turn Your Website Into A Powerful Sales Magnet. It shows you, step by step, everything we do to get outstanding sales results for our clients. Feel free to download it, show it to prospective designers, and ask them to follow those 5 steps or help you do it.

                                                                                            Or use it to design your own website. One of the steps is devoted entirely to web design.

                                                                                            If you're interested here's the url:

                                                                                            There are many other places on the web to get information about web marketing and how to create websites and online sales systems that really work -- and why most don't. Some really good sources will cost you upwards of $1,200. But you can gather together all you need for free if you're willing to spend the time. The web is a very generous place. And you can get most of it for free in one place in our free e-book. You have a lot of good choices.

                                                                                            The important thing is that you do it. A web site that doesn't convert conditions your prospective customers not to buy from you. This will hurt your business. You can read about this in our e-book. Good designers and developers will talk to you about technology, design trends, and even the latest research that proves what they're doing is right. That's exactly what the web development company did with our client above. And everything they said turned out to be wrong. And that's how we were able to get such great improvements.

                                                                                            Learn what really works and you won't be steered down the wrong the path. Saving a few dollars to get negative business results is not good business.

                                                                                            Do your homework.

                                                                                            Best of luck,


                                                                                            Peter Cutler
                                                                                            Principal / Creative Director
                                                                                            Studio 525

                                                                                            We don't just create websites.
                                                                                            We create results.
                                                                                          • Re: looking for website designers
                                                                                            gerryf Newbie
                                                                                            We can help contact- Thank you
                                                                                            • Re: looking for website designers
                                                                                              intechspecial Ranger
                                                                                              If you have not yet found a quality web designer, please allow me the pleasure of introducing myself.

                                                                                              My name is Mike Stratton, I am disabled, and I design websites.

                                                                                              Learn more about my company here:

                                                                                              If you have already found a company to work with, best of luck in your endeavors!
                                                                                              • Re: looking for website designers
                                                                                                ozkary Adventurer

                                                                                                An inexpensive approach would be to get the free Website. The challenge would be for you to get a handle on the design of the page. If you are not to familiar with web etc, you can get professional services from consulting companies like:


                                                                                                I hope this helps and good luck on your business.