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This poll ended on Apr 11, 2012.

Which social coupon site have you considered using?

During the past year, the business world has been significantly reshaped by a new discounting phenomenon, one that combines the ubiquity of traditional coupon clipping with the power of social networking (you can read our story here). “Social coupons” offered through websites such as Groupon promise small businesses access to a plethora of new, local customers, while offering consumers steep discounts.


Have you considered using social coupons for your small business?  If so, which one(s)?

Poll Results
  • Adility (0%)
  • Eversave (0%)
  • eWinWin (0%)
  • Groupon (89%)
  • LivingSocial (11%)
  • Other - please leave a comment. (0%)


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