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    Starting a new business - Data center, colocation manage seR

    rash.2006 Wayfarer

      I am wondering how much it will cost to launch a business like this? HOW MUCH WILL BE A INVESTMENT

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          cmdgny Newbie
          Since your whole buisnnes is a service
          All that you really need will be some computers, pro software and office space.
          The only other investment will be advertising your future firm.

          I would say that your initial investment shoouldnt be more then $25,000.00
          It can be less then that if you decided to start at your home office.
          Hope this helps best of luck
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            appleton Newbie
            very costly. think of what you will need:

            internet connection, big one. Maybe start out with a T3 and work your way up to oc3.
            power, lots of it. think of all of the outlets. different voltages, phases. have an electrician on staff
            with all that power, cooling. you need leibert units
            cages for secure customer systems and your own
            storage, san storage isn't cheap, fibre switches, cables.
            network gear, this isnt cheap.
            raised flooring and overhead cable management (raised flooring needs to be about 4 to 5 feet)
            support contracts for all of this stuff

            you need to have an electrician, security staff, system engineers/admins.


            it would take a lot to build a professional datacenter that customers would feel comforatble to put their critical business systems/services in.

            hope this helps,
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                rash.2006 Wayfarer
                Hello Larry,

                You seems to be very knowledgeable. can we talk please.
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                    appleton Newbie
                    Sure we can talk.

                    Honestly, to start a real datacenter you will most likely need to have 1 million on the low end and up to 3 million for something decent.

                    I will give examples of some things to consider:

                    If you provide web hosting, multiple people will be using YOUR servers. You will be responsible for the data.
                    If you buy a decent size san from emc for 150k. You have all of this disk space now and customers are using it. You have to think about backing it up. You will need a backup server, tape robot, tapes, and backup software. These things alone are going to run you from over 100k. I would imagine 300k is what it would cost to put in an enterprise level backup system. You have to think about how long you will keep these backups. You also need to think about support contracts for the server, software, and san.

                    Power & cooling
                    You will need to make sure you redundant cooling systems. This is critical, if you don't have a failure and do not have more than enough cooling units, you will have temps rise very quickly. I have seen massive hardware failures because of this. Even for a short time, you can count on hardware going bad. You will need a UPS & generator incase of power failures or outages. This is a must, this is not elective. A datacenter should be available 24/7/365. That equipment is not cheap. You will also need to test this equipment reguarly. You will also need UPS units in every rack. You will also need PDUs in every rack. I would highly recommend you have PDUs that are managed so you can remotely control power to each outlet. Again non of this stuff is cheap.

                    This equipment is really expensive. You will need a large cisco switch for your core network. You will need smaller switches, routers, etc. You will also need to really plan the network well from the begining. The cost of contractors is not cheap to design and set this stuff up. You need to monitor this equipment and the links. You also need to monitor your circuits to the outside world, you need redundant circuits from different carriers in the event of a failure from one carrier.

                    low end, 5k a pop. The price goes up from there.

                    I am not going to go into detail here, just list some of the software you will need for an enterprise datacenter.

                    vmware vsphere (virtualization software)
                    veritas storage foundation (storage management software)
                    veritas netbackup or legato networker (backup software)
                    various emc san software
                    Linux (free, but if you go with RedHat, you will want support so there is a cost)
                    Windows Server (and cals, which are not cheap)
                    MS sql server
                    web hosting management software
                    accounting software for your business not customers
                    CC merchant software
                    web hosting commerce software
                    monitoring software
                    exchange email software (if you want to provide that service)
                    solar winds (network monitoring software)
                    apache, IIS (web server software)
                    tomcat (web application server software)

                    You will need to monitor all of this stuff. You will want to use something like nagios (which is free). You need to monitor temps, servers, san, backups, databases, filesystems, etc. This is a must, you have to have a NOC for the datacenter. The NOC is the operations center of your data center. You need to have staff watching this stuff and make sure there are no problems such as network outages. circuits go down all of the time, you will need to have someone there to handle support with vendors to restore service.


                    This is just off the top of my head. If you have outages, you won't have customers. You see how the dollars add up very quickly. I didn't even touch on the location, building, phone system, and renovations to build the data center.

                    Hope this helps.