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    Husband working at my business

    success2k10 Newbie

      I want my husband to work for me at my business. Do I need to officially hire him or can he just work for me?
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          Very good question. and tough situation. He is either a employee or a partner. either way u will be supporting him. Your incomes will merge when u file joint. I think u shlod hire him as an employee because then u are the boss. His ins and w/c and SS are good things because if he is hurt hes covered and when he gets old he will have good retirement. ON the other hand I think u don't need him to be successful and if he gets a job somewhere else, u will still have the family income and u can deduct his taxes on your sch "C" and otherr medical deductions on sch "A" . If he has another job and u need extra help put him on as sub contractor (by the job, part time and give him a 1099. It still winds up on your and his joint 1040. sonny
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              success2k10 Newbie
              Hi Sonny,

              Thank you for your answer.Iv'e thought about all of those things and your right it is a tough question and a tough decision. I honestly know that he will make the business more successful because he has loads of customers who will follow him wherever he goes. I know it will be a good move to have him at the business.All that he is really wants to do is build the business together with me, and I agree.Can he just be my partner legally without being on the business license or without making it an LLC.He doesn't mind if he's not on the license.We have been married for years so we really do trust each other and he trusts me to be fair and not bail out on him. But is it ok to just have him there without reporting him as an employee and having to do all the paperwork that I had to do with the other guys. Is is legal if he is not on the business license.Like I said he just wants to help build the business with me. He already has enough Social Security built up. He has worked hard all of his life.I know that together we could really make it a more successful and lucrative business.The profits all go in the same pot anyway. I just don't want to do anything wrong and get in trouble with the agencies that you have to report to when you have other people working for you.Can I get into trouble for having him there without filing out paper work?As far as taxes go, whatever we have to pay or whatever we get back is for both of us anyway.So what do you think??
              Again, Thank you so much for your interest and good advice.
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              freeads Adventurer

              if he will work for you, it's best if you offically sign him up and fill in the papers etc...just makes it legal i guess.


              best of luck