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    Export Used Tires

    sramlal Newbie

      I would like to export Used Tires from the US to the Caribbean. Can anyone tell me where I can get good quality +50% thread reasonably priced tires that I can export in 20 or 40 containers?

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          Fasttireinc Newbie
          I believe export of used tires will be a tuff mission. Challenges you will run into.

          A. Finding full sets or matching tires.
          B. Making sure the tires are not damaged or leaking (very Costly)
          C. The devaluation or exchange rate of currency. (fluctuates)
          D. Storage of and aquisition of tires while you are building containers.
          E. All tires Exported must be E marked (E-for export. Some tires cannot be exported by law)
          F. Getting paid before the load leaves the dock. Wire transfer and many fee's.
          G. Understanding the demand, size, performance rating and needs of buyers.
          H. Insurance costs and fluctuating shipping costs due to fuel.
          J. Age of tires. Tires in exess of 7 years old is not recomended by manufacturers.

          New tires in many cases are inexpensive. By the time you acomplish A-H above; I think you will find there will be no money in that deal. It would be impossible to check each individual tire for damage or air loss. Fining sets of used tires in that quantity will be a huge challenge