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    advice on starting a bakery/catering biz in Los Angeles

    kellyrob535 Newbie
      Hello everyone,

      I'm new to this community. Let me introduce myself. My name is Kelly and for the past three years I've been making and selling cupcakes and baked goods to friends and friends of friends. I really enjoy baking and the joy treats bring to people. My dream is to start my own legitimate business in the next couple years.

      I've been having a hard time finding any information as to what the requirements are in CA for starting a food based company. Ideally I'd like to start out in my own home instead of having to get a loan for retail space. I've checked on SCORE and SBA and ahvent found much related to this topic.

      Anyone out there who has started their own bakery or catering company in California? I'd love any bits of info or advice you can share.