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    HR Services for Small Businesses

    HealthDude Newbie
      I need some feedback from Small Business Owners.

      I have a full time staff of 4 and 23 per diem (as needed) employees. I would like to know from the group if getting an HR services is beneficial as well as cost effective in what I have so far. The quote I'm getting from ADP seems to be a bit much on a per month basis.

      Should I just do this function myself, hire a part time employee to do it or go with an HR services company?

      Which HR services have you used or are using? What is this service costing you?

      Thank a million,
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          HarmonyR Newbie
          You definitely should have someone else do it! ADP is a bit more expensive (although good at what they do) because you are paying for their "name", but there are several smaller firms/businesses for Outsourcing and HR support that will do it just as well, probably more tailored, customized to your specific needs (not cookie-cutter). Believe me, the cost will be worth every penny. Remember the value of your time and know that hiring an HR "on-demand" provider will allow you to "do what you do best" and run your business. Pay them to "do what they do best": managing the employment details and issues of regular as well as per diem employees.
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              CaseyBee Newbie
              I agree with the previous post. The world of HR is getting very complex. It's more than paperwork these days. It involves benefits, employee relations, training, retention -- you name it, and a seasoned HR professional has probably done it.

              Going with a large firm like ADP is great, but for personalized services, you should stay local. I am not sure what area you're in, but I'm sure your city has a few PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations) that cater to small and medium sized firms.

              Our company, Empowering Human Capital, is based in Louisiana and caters to businesses such as yours. If I can ever be of service to you, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

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                I agree that outsourcing seems like a good option. In our company, we have a saying: "Focus on your knitting." The idea is to focus on your core competencies and outsource everything else- within reason. If you don't have the time to really get your head around HR, you could be opening you and your business up to risk. My recommendation is to evaluate your priorities and proceed accordingly.
              • HR Services for Small Businesses

                i guess taking HR services would be better and as you want to cut down on your costs use online busineess software to reduce your burden by all means