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    Looking for Investors, real estate related, not asking for money.

    Menoz~ Newbie

      Here's the problem.




      I just started my company
      (incorporated) got the state tax id, FIN, even registered for a
      D.U.N.S. #.


      I have been all over the Internet
      looking for people and/ companies who have been where I am right now.




      Here's where I'm at.




      I need investors (not their money).


      I do not want to sell equity.


      I do not want to borrow.


      I do not want donations




      So for the rest of this message please
      understand that this is absolutely not about “fund raising”.




      Here's the problem, I need Investors
      who seek real estate opportunities. My company will acquire
      properties that will either require me to hold or sell. I have no
      plans to hold property(s) as it is not what the company was
      established for. The one thing that is certain is that most of the
      properties will come to the company for less than the owner's
      purchase price. These are completely voluntary and initiated by the




      So here's the problem I'm having,




      Where I do i find these Investors who
      are seeking real estate opportunities.


      For my company to be successful, I only
      have to achieve 1 task; Get rid of a property as fast as possible. I
      won't be making much on these properties, as it is not the source of
      my revenue. So holding these properties will likely eat into my
      revenue. O' sure I could sell them for a nice markup. But then I'm
      stuck having maintain them until they sell. So I'm going to keep it
      simple. Owning real estate is not what my company is about. So when I
      get it – it's got to go.




      All l need is the relationship with
      investors to let them know when I get a property. I 'm certain they
      can tell me what they are looking for, so I know before hand if the
      property is of interest to them or If I'm going to have to hold.
      Either way.




      I just need several investors who are
      willing to take an opportunity when I get one.




      Tell How to find them, my company
      starts business Jan 15, 08
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          lawrebel1 Newbie
          Pass your deal info on to me i will hook toy up wit investors.

          stephen strydom (ceo)
          eproperty investors, llc
          155 s angelina dr

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              DomainDiva Ranger
              There does not seem to be any public information on you or your company. Could you tell us more about yourself?
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                  Menoz~ Newbie
                  I just started the company in Nov.07 operations will begin in Jan.08. The company "Menoz Corporation" will remain a privately owned company. I am not selling shares of the company. Since I'm not asking people to directly invest in my company I don't see the need for a lot of public information.

                  If you are an REI , all I'm asking of you is to allow me offer you properties that i (will) acquire in your area. my revenues will come from business done prior to the sell. "I'll make my money before the sell existed" . for that reason I'm looking for REI's who area willing to let me pass property details to them when I know the property meets their criteria. I need to know the investors I'm dealing with so I don't waste their time or mine presenting a property outside of their criteria or range.

                  About my company?
                  About Me ?

                  What does my company and /or personal information have to do with the profit potentianal of a peice of real estate? (no ill meant)
                  Look it's very simple and should remain that way - (1) If the property is not located in your area, I probably won't try to contact you. (2) If I paid 70%+ of market value for the property, I probably won't contact you. (3) If I don't think You would buy it with in a week - I won't contact you.

                  I am not set up to buy and sell real estate. But will have to acquire some properties as a "side effect" of business. There will be "opoertunity" in the properties I would offer you. If I receive a property that has low or no potentail "you won't know about it" I'll get stuct with it and prepare to make lemon-ade.
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                      Lighthouse24 Ranger

                      What is it that YOU are bringing to the table (i.e., relative to properties within my area and investment range, what can you do from wherever you are that I can't do from here myself)?
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                          Menoz~ Newbie
                          Q: what can you do from wherever you are that I can't do from here myself?


                          Take on an amount of risk that (you) investors avoid

                          In the course of doing business, I will end up with properties that have a negitive equity. Those properties I / many company can handle. Our business model and stategy is based on just that. What I am not positioned for is maintaining an inventory of every property I acquire. So, It's easier to get rid of good opportunities that the bad one. Like I said earlier, my company makes its money on the front end. The properties I will be offering to investors not acquired for the purpose of investment (on my end).

                          What am I bringing to the table. "call me a bird dog" if you wish. even though I just a business man who knows what he's getting into and when an exit strategy is needed.

                          Investors are part of that exit strategy. "I'm not trying to buy and sell real estate".
                          so, what am I offering investors? an occassional contact with a property(s) for you to consider as simple yes or no determines where I go from there.

                          Before I can start operations, I must have a broad contact list of real estate investors who will simply look at the property and tell me if they want it. No contract, No upfront money, No obligation to purchase on the investors part. It's pretty much a numbers game, the more investors I'm in contact with the quicker I can get rid of the properties. The less I take from the deal the quicker I'll will find an investor from my contact list who is willing to take the property.


                          I must apologize, I accidently left out a fact.

                          The properties will go through a realtor in your area, they will handle the transaction on my behalf (so I dont have to travel all over the US). the price offered to you will not change. But the property will resell very quickly producing a fast turn around. These properties will be part of a service that my company provides to buyers and home owners. As part of the agreement Me nor my company will be allowed to profit from the sale of a property (thats a limitation my company agrees) to inorder to remove a conflict of interest that would otherwise taint the trust between Menoz Corporation an Our client/homeowners. While we are prohibited from profiting on the resell, we can and must make every attempt to bring the property back into the program which will require the new owner (not investor) to become a member. The details regard this area of My company will remain confidential as require by the agreements we make to our clients.

                          what do I , bring to the table?
                          I'm yet another source you will have for finding good properties that will resell quicker than the average.


                          Now! since people want to know what I can bring, I must ask the same.

                          I haven't ask for:
                          or even an obligation

                          I've only ask that you give me a means to contact you and "make an offer" that you can certainly say no to.


                          since thats all I'm asking, What may I ask are you (Investors) bring to the table.
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                              Lighthouse24 Ranger

                              What property (or client/homeowners) in my area would have access to that I wouldn't? What could you "bird dog" or "flush out" that nobody else here has been able to find?
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                                  Menoz~ Newbie
                                  What properties are you looking for
                                  What qualifies as an opportunity for you

                                  The only properties I can offer that nobody else can, are the ones I acquire.
                                  I only used the Bird Dog analogy to represent the connection between myself and REI's.

                                  I just want to establish a good list of contacts. If they don't want it "no problem" .
                                  I'm betting that more times than not, it will be what they are looking for.

                                  What type of properties are you looking for and how do you find them?
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                                      skeebee Newbie
                                      Menoz it sounds to me like you want contact information. The first question for me is how do I know that you arent simply building a list of contacts for sale or for some other purpose? We dont have any real information about you. How do I know you are not another scam artist or real estate "guru" attempting to sell me your next gimmick/training package? Do you have a website that tells me more or would make me feel comfortable giving you my contact information? Do you have any business references that that I can contact?

                                      What kind of business model are you using? Are you wholeselling properties and assigning contracts? Do you acquire the property only after you know you will have an investor to purchase it from you. Are you sure what you are doing legal in all 50 states?

                                      These are just a few of the questions I have off the top of my head.
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                                          Menoz~ Newbie

                                          The Information is limited at the moment as the site is under development.

                                          Incorporated in the State of Kansas

                                          What am I doing,
                                          Working to develop a homeowner based community to provide services to other home owners.
                                          Issues; foreclosure, debt relief, real estate investment, and yet another but hopefully more supportive community training for members and visitors.

                                          The wesite is not ready but exists and will develop further as a community not a get rich quick gateway.
                                          hopefully members will simply not permit it from becoming a portal of sale pitches and scam artists.
                                          the goal is to only market the community and the benefit of being a member.

                                          Thanks for asking,
                                          I hope you can benefit from the community's startup or later once it is established.
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                                lawrebel1 Newbie

                                Sorry for the delay in my reply. Please go to (this site is still under construction so please dont expect to much)

                                stephen strydom 646.593.5127
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                              LUCKIEST Guide
                              h3. Menoz, Good luck when you start your company on Jan 15, 2008.Tell
                              us more about yourself and please explain the difference between
                              needing investors (not their money). You want to sell real estate to investors?? Do you have a Marketing Plan??

                              Maybe the following will help, LUCKIEST

                              Steps to Small Business Success

                              1. Start Smart
                              2. Plan Ahead
                              3. Set up Systems
                              4. Seek out Sales
                              5. Aim for Growth
                              6. Leverage Opportunities


                              1. Start Smart.
                              Identify a niche. Don't compete to be the lowest cost provider. Look
                              for what makes your product or service unique and adds a special value
                              for the client and charge for that value. Every business has many
                              facets. Start with what you know and like; start a business that has
                              meaning to you. Keep in mind that we don't know what the future holds,
                              many of the jobs and businesses of tomorrow don't exist today. You can
                              create your own success.


                              Now is the time to dream. To start smart, you should like the idea of
                              the business. The way to earn a good income and build wealth is by
                              serving clients well, making their life better in some way-it's more
                              than filling a need in the marketplace. To succeed you want to test the
                              idea to make sure your potential clients like the idea too. Test your

                              2. Plan Ahead.
                              People often ask me why bother with a business plan? Look at the
                              lottery as an example. You may get lucky and get the winning ticket,
                              but the odds are against you when you rely on random chance. I'm a risk
                              taker...but not that much, minimize the risk of going into business and
                              maximize your potential for success. Take the time to write a plan of
                              how you get from point A to point B. A plan gives you a clear future
                              focus and increases your chances of success.


                              The first rule of a start-up is put some of your own money in the
                              business. As the owner you must be willing to capitalize the business.
                              The second rule is put as little of your own money as possible in the
                              business. Prepare your plan and look for funding for your business from
                              multiple sources, which can include a business loan or business line of


                              Don't go it alone. Plan ahead now to build your team. Your team may
                              include a CPA and an attorney that you work with as needed. Add a
                              mentor from your industry and get a SCORE mentor to help you plan for
                              success. No one has all the answers. You get more ideas and information
                              by building a success, support team that can help you plan ahead.

                              3. Set up Systems.
                              The most basic system every business should have is a good financial
                              system. Ask yourself how am I going to generate enough income to
                              support myself and my family. Begin here. Put together a personal
                              budget, so you know what it costs you to live. Now, you can move on to
                              the business budget and sales planning, so you can see how many sales
                              you need to break even and make a profit. The start-up expense plan,
                              operating budget and your accounting software are vital to your


                              4. Seek out Sales.
                              The daunting question is how do you go about seeking out your first
                              sale. Recognize that since you don't have a big ad budget to be seen by
                              everyone, you need to target a niche and get connected in your market
                              community, be it local, regional or national. You need other people
                              selling for you-not employees-goodwill referrals. Get out and talk to
                              as many people as you can. Join organizations that would have clients
                              for your product or service. Become a visible part of your market, and
                              then ask for the sale. You begin the sales process with people that you
                              know. Yes, it's okay to start with friends and family as your first
                              customers, and then broaden from there.


                              5. Aim for Growth.
                              The basic tenant of creating a company is that you own the company. You
                              are not just creating a job for yourself. It's less risk and less
                              investment to get a job. Building a business is creating a company that
                              is more than the job itself. Think about the future. How large do you
                              want the company to be in terms of sales, net profit and employees?
                              Your answer to each of these questions will influence how you grow.
                              There are varying costs and profits associated with growth. It's
                              important to make a deliberate choice early about how you want to grow
                              your company.


                              6. Leverage Opportunities.
                              Good luck. Good fortune. Good timing. All play a part in business. As a
                              business owner, be very clear about your core focus for the business
                              and how it serves clients. Your core business is what pays the bills.
                              Then, as an entrepreneur you are about opportunity. When you see a
                              potential opportunity or stroke of luck measure it against your core
                              business focus. Good fortune is great, when it matches your vision for
                              the business. Always consider if a good opportunity is the right fit
                              for your business. If something looks great, but it's not in sync with
                              your long-term plan and budget, think carefully before committing your
                              company's resources.
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                                jamdown Wayfarer
                                I am a real estate investor, I would like your list but could you tell me more about this company.
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                                  LUCKIEST Guide
                                  Menoz~ SCORE helps business people FREE. You can visit a SCORE office and talk to a counselor, or go online. SCORE solves problems, helps you develop a Business and Marketing Plans and helps you succeed.
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                                    entrep6775 Wayfarer
                                    Hello, Menoz. I'm Greg with Opt In Biz Leads. I read your posts, and it appears you're simply seeking a targeted list of specific marketing prospects. Targeted business & consumer lists are one of the services we offer along with data hygiene services, lead generation, and permission-based email & mobile marketing services.

                                    Although sometimes frowned upon by the uninformed, marketing directly to targeted prospect lists can have an immediate & powerful effect on your business revenue: if your campaign is executed with care.
                                    The most important concerns are to:
                                    1): make sure you're dealing with folks who actually want information on your product or service, and
                                    2): confirm that you're marketing to people who've given their permission recently to be contacted about that service or product.

                                    It's called compliance, and it's a best practice standard for any business that intends to market successfully on or off the internet, using list services.

                                    So whether you're telemarketing, email marketing, or direct mail marketing, start with a clean, accurate, targeted list that meets all industry standards regarding compliance and privacy.

                                    As a full service provider of DNC-compliant telemarketing/postal lists, & 100% permission-based email broadcasting, Opt In Biz Leads can help your business experience successful lead-generation, and achieve high-response email campaigns.

                                    For more information, pricing and list counts, contact Greg Crable directly at 1 866 355-1678, or send a message to:
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                                      EyesofTexas Wayfarer

                                      I am a Realtor and Property Manager in the Austin, Texas and surrounding counties. I work with investors and help locate properties in my area as well as the San Antonio area. Many of these investors buy "site unseen" and live in the CA area, then I manage their properties until they are ready to sell. Feel free to pass your information along to me -- I will then evaluate the info and determine if your properties meet my investors criteria. I am always willing to work with new investors as well and would like to partner with you in my area as a Realtor. You can contact me directly at