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    Would you honor addl. invoice two months after the fact?

    amspcs Ranger
      A very unusual thing happened today. I'm curious to see who agrees with my 'take', and who doesn't.

      A customer of ours ordered a product we sell. We got a quote from our vendor, including s/h costs, calculated our markup based on these numbers, sold the products to our customer, received payment from the customer
      as agreed, and paid our supplier as agreed. That was some two months ago.

      Today, we get an invoice from the supplier for a few bucks more Oops, they miscalculated the s/h and are billing me for the shortfall. If I don't want to 'eat' the loss out of my meager margin, they suggest I just re- bill MY customer..

      Here's MY take: Calculating their overhead (and that's all this is) is THEIR responsibility, not mine. I feel it is THEIR responsibility to adequately cover their overhead, and if they find they are not, it is THEIR responsibility to re-adjust their overhead
      factor calculation, not mine---not just pass it onto me two months later in an attempt to protecf their margin at the expense of mine. And I would NEVER insult our customer by sending an additional bill to a valued customer two months after the fact--my instinct would be to just 'eat' the few bucks in the interest of avoiding antagonizing a customer, so re-billing our customer is out of the question.

      It's like this: What if your grocery store called you and said "remember those groceries you bought two months ago? Well, we mis-calculated the cost of the bags we put them in, and you owe us $2 more". What would YOU do? I know what I'd do....find a new grocery.

      I'm gonig to pay the few bucks this too short. But I made it clear they needed to get their act together because I will not honor such after-the-fact billings in the future, so when they quote me, it is THEIR responsibility to get it right.

      How do you folks feel about this? Am I right, or am I being unreasonable?