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    Starting a Cupcake Bakery.Experienced Business Owners Please

    IMIS89 Newbie
      Hi there! I went to Culinary School for pastry arts, and I am now looking to open my own cupcake business. I am trying to put together my business plan, and need some help.

      I am in Brooklyn, NY, and hoping to open one here, in a hole in the wall type place, where the rent is not overly crazy.

      Anyone have any suggestions on how to figure out prices. For example, if you have had any experience with opening a cupcake shop, how many cupcakes did you sell within the first month? each week?

      I'm having trouble putting together my business plan. I don't even know yet where I am going to open my business, which is kind of slowing me down, and causing trouble. Anyone in Brooklyn, and have an idea about how to figure out things, financial wise, without knowing where I am going to base the business out of?
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          Congratulations on graduating from culinary school and getting started with your new business.


          I can help you in a couple of ways.


          First, I would like to suggest that you go to my site, Small Biz Break (the URL is below) and register for access to the Solutions Center page. Inside, you can download templates and forms to help focus your research, costs and planning. For example, inside you will find a Small Business Start Up Checklist, a Start Up Costs Spreadsheet, a Personal Finance Spreadsheet, and two Business Plan Outlines (depending on your needs - sounds like you will need the Formal and not the Mini plan outline)


          Access and download of the forms are free.


          Second, I owned and operated a restaurant for a number of years in AZ and know many of the steps you will need to take to get your business plan completed. My partner and I are small business consultants. We can help you with some hands on guidance if you prefer.


          As to your question about how to perform research when you aren't sure where you are going to open, you need to make some decisions to give your research focus. Although you aren't positive where in Brooklyn you may get started, at least if you know the general area, you can start researching the cost of an average NNN lease per square foot within the area.


          Keep in mind that a business plan is a living document and may have multiple revisions before you actual open. However, you need to give your research focus, so you do have to make some decisions (even if temporary) to get started.


          Please let me know if you need additional help after downloading the documents at Small Biz Break. My contact information is on the home page.


          All the Best,


          Doug Dolan


          The Solopreneur's Guide (


          Small Biz Break (
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Starting a Cupcake Bakery

            Who r u?? Great answer from Doug "TheSoloGuide"

            Another good source is SCORE. SCORE is FREE
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              jinkie Wayfarer
              I am no expert but if i were you, I would gather up all the budget I can get, once you have the money. Go over the ads in the newspaper, for me, this is the fastest way to find commercial spaces for rent. So all you have to do is narrow down your choices, once you have a list, contact the owner or visit the area. If in case, you are not satisfied go back to the ad and list down your second choice, if not you can ask friends who are in the area that you like to put up your bakery. You can also ask the owners of the commercial space you visited if they have another space that fits your budget or in the location you like. Always ask for a bargain or a discount.

              More info on how to start your bakery <a href="">here</a>