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    Starting a  Conceirge business...Advice needed..

    Here4You Newbie

      I have decided to start my own conceirge business, because I felt I might as well be getting paid for errands, etc that I'm doing now for people. I have registered my business name in the town I will do business in and I have already received by business license. Have business cards printed and now I'm at a lost at how to market. I know my target market is businesses, so should I get some brochures printed and mail to businesses in the area, or will they just sit on someone's desk. I guess my question or the advice I'm needing is now of the best way to market this business?


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          Hi Here4You,

          Here's an online marketing tip that you can accomplish for free. Make sure you are listed in Google "local" search results.

          That way if anyone near your business searches for "conceirge", "errands" or "delivery service" your business can show up in the local results and on Google Maps for free. You can even post images, the services you offer and coupons that automatically expire. You can set up your free Google local profile at

          Best of luck,

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Starting a Concierge business

            Good luck, The best way to market your business is to think outside the box.

            When I wanted to market my business, I sponsored a local little league baseball team and the children spent the whole summer wearing my name on their shirts.

            Also get involved with a charity or fund raiser and get your local newspaper to do a story.

            If you need more help, contact me. LUCKIEST
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              Since you are new and most likely unknown to many of the businesses that you plan to service, you may want to meet with some of the businesses that you will be bringing your customers' needs to and see if they are open to co-marketing with you.


              For example, if you plan on handling dry cleaning, meet with a reputable, well known dry cleaner and see if they would be willing to let you use their logo on a flyer or other promotional piece that you can hand out to local businesses. In return, see if they will hand out your business card and mention your company in their marketing to business.


              Do this with a handful of business that you plan on bringing your business to. Then create flyers, business cards, direct mail and email pieces along with a basic web site and start connecting with your target market


              By having a group of recognized and respected businesses on your promotional pieces, you will increase your trust factor with customers much quicker than if you just promote yourself.


              I hope this helps. If you need more help, please let me know.


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                jinkie Wayfarer
                why don't you setup a simple blog put the address on the brochures you made for easy access. also use social media sites such as facebook and forums to advertise your business. also, make a door-to-door visit to your business targets then don't forget to leave your calling card or brochure with them. also tell your friends and family about your business, usually word-of-mouth is one good way in promoting your business.