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    Concessions Business Info

    Boogeyman Newbie
      Hello everyone. First time to the site and first post... I'm kicking around the idea of starting a concessions business (trailer) to take to car and bike shows, fairs and rodios etc.. I know absolutley nothing about this type of business and was hoping to get some feedback from others that might have some expierience. I have many questions and would love to chat with you if you think you can help. Thanks!
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          jinkie Wayfarer
          first of all, i would like to welcome you in the forum. If you are planning to acquire a concession business, here are some things you should ask:
          • do you already have a trailer? are you going to buy or rent one?
          • what kind of food are you going to sell?
          • have you ask about business permits, sanitary permits and such if it applies to a concession business?
          • are you going to produce your own product or you are going to be a reseller?
          • how much is your budget?

          These are some questions that you need to ask yourself to get you started. I would personally start from taking care of the permits if it applies to a concession business.

          More info on how to start your business here:
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              Boogeyman Newbie
              Thanks for the reply Jinkie! The questions you asked are some of whats on my mind. I have found a trailer thats already set up with a cooker. its used but still pretty pricey (but do-able). What i would like to sell is hot wings and cold drinks. I think i could offer 8 to 12 wing flavors fairly easily and well....wings are easy to make lol.
              Health Dept permits are required but i haven't studied up on all thats required to get the permits. I'm not sure about business permits and i have no clue what leasing a space at different venues would cost. I assume the space cost would vary. My budget? LOL. Its tight, but my wife and I both work, so i could work the concessions on weekends until i could grow enough to do it full time. What do you think?
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Concessions Business Info

              I do trade shows. How can I help you

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                  Boogeyman Newbie
                  Hi Luckiest.
                  What are the steps i should take to get a concessions business started? Health and Business permits? At the trade shows you attend, how do they charge for space? (i.e by the space, or by the foot? I've heard both). What type of requirements do the trade shows have? If your in concessions, do you and the other vendors have agreed upon set prices for things like drinks? ... ANY info basically lol. The trailer i like is 20' tandom with a removeable tongue (for that lease by the foot thing)
                  Thanks for the reply!
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                  phanio Pioneer
                  It seems you are driving down the right path here. What you are doing is developing a business plan without actually knowing you are developing one.

                  To that, I would suggest you find a local SCORE or SBDC in your area. They can help you find the answers to the questions about local permits and licenses as well as help you navigate the helath department.

                  I would also suggest a little direct research on your part. Attend one of the events and talk to every vendor there. Ask them about lease fees and tips and tricks about getting the best.

                  You might also seek out a member of this forum - his name is Doug and he goes by "thesologuide" - he could really help you with the details of getting your business up and running.

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