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    I love traveling and do well, but how can I make some money?

    wealthseeka Newbie
      One of my hobbie is traveling and have been to over 50 countries. But how can I turn my hobbie into money?
      Any suggestion?
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          stokestrip Wayfarer
          I own a Cruise Planners franchise that allows me to assist others while they travel all over the world and do some traveling myself. I specialize in cruises, but I have a full service travel agency. Capable of reserving virtually every type of travel. If this sounds like a good opportunity to you, please contact Ms. Laura Martin at: and tell her you were referred by Marisa Stokes. She got me started and will be able to tell you more about the business. Running a travel agency is very different from just being a traveler. As a traveler you are just handling your vacation, but as an agent you will be responsible for the good and bad travel experiences of others. Also, keep in mind that you have to do all the things any traditional busines does such as accouting, bookkepping, tax prep, payroll, faxing, filing, copying, answering and making calls, reservations, handling customer compliments and complaints, sending out payment reminders, profiling, prospecting, marketing, etc, etc. It can be very rewarding, but keep in mind that it is a business.

          Another alternative is to work for a company that needs a blogger to take pictures, videos, and a day to day account of variosu destinations and the activites you do while you are there. Or you can start your own website and charge a nominal membership fee to get your knowledge and expertise. This is a more relaxed option.
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            There are a wide variety of opportunities as possibilities depending on some factors (i.e. other experience / strengths you possess, time you have to dedicate to a new business, your financial and personal goals, etc.).


            Do you prefer to provide people with assistance while you travel?


            Do you prefer to put your travel knowledge into a blog, ebook, series of videos, or other publications you can sell?


            There are businesses that can make money and then there are businesses that are fulfilling AND can make money.


            I recommend you go to Small Biz Break (the link is below) and go to the Register page for access to the Solutions Center. Inside there is a New Business Idea Questionnaire that you can download to help you define an ideal business for you based upon the factors I listed above and more. There aren't any fees to register or download the document.


            If after you answer the questions, you find you are still struggling with an idea, my partner and I can help you define your idea and starting your business. Our contact info is on the Home page.


            I hope this helps.


            Doug Dolan


            The Solopreneur's Guide (


            Small Biz Break (
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              wealthseeka Newbie
              Great Answers Guys!
              I will follow up on your recommendations...