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      I am wanting to start up an online business earning only commission from sales. I wouldn't handle anything that people buy and I wouldn't even have to talk to anyone. After the sale is completed, I would be earning commission from that sale. I was told that the LLC is the best way to go, but it is pretty expensive and not really affordable for the LLC. I was also told about the sole proprietorship, but it doesn't have as many tax breaks like the LLC. I was told both ways, that a LLC is best and a sole proprietorship is just fine. I was reading online that it is free to register a business, but I was also told that I would have to go to my local county clerk's office and pay like $25, in order to be legal in the government's eyes. What is the better way to go? I would only be me in the business, so it isn't like there would be other employees. Can I get in trouble if I had an online business without even registering it? Suggestions from people with the experience is really helpful! Any suggestions would also be really helpful!!!