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    The most important quality in a new hire

      Is it intelligence, work ethic, loyalty, knowledge, or some other factor?
      At BlitzLocal, we believe they must have the first 3, as the rest can be learned.
      As for loyalty, that's hard to determine, so curious as to your thoughts as well as what you look for in potential employees.
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          businessSIR Adventurer

          I am a corporate investigator and have seen the best and worst in employees and how they effect company operations. I feel that the biggest quality in a new employee that one should look for is their desire to learn. I know that sounds weird but think about it, someone who is willing to learn is someone with an open mind. An employee with this quality is eager to learn all about company history, future goals, and day to day operations. The thrill of discovery for them is something they look forward too and makes them work harder and achieve goals. This does not mean that only people with high education levels can be eager to learn, there are many people who have degrees who don't care about what they are learning. This trait is open to anyone regardless of their background who feels that they are going somewhere in life and nothing will stop them.

          A good way to identify these people is to ask hypothetical questions during the interview process and really listen to what they have to say. Also during the interview pay attention to how many questions they ask you in return. A person who asks alot of questions can be ideal for sales, consulting, and marketing positions. Ask about their goals in life, I have seen this less frequently in interviews today. There are plenty of ways to go about finding that good candidate. Just keep searching because a good employee can increase company performance and set even higher standards then you initially imagined.
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            stokestrip Wayfarer
            I am in the travel industry and for me the most important quality is that the person believes in the business. We work soley off commissions and you don't get paid until after the client travels. It takes a tremendous amount of patience to wait over a year for a check and it can become quite discouraging to most. I have had many people decide to quit working with me as a result of them not being able to a mass a good amount of clients to have a steady flow of income in a reasonable time frame to them. I am in it for the long haul so I don't mind. Most people have been employees for so long that they never realized what it takes for their employer to provide them with a job each day. The employer has to build a clientdatabase in the same way that I do and you only get paid when you work and maintain the B2B relationship. I have since taken on a trainee who is understanding both sides and is more and more believing in the long term benefits of the business.
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              barbusiness Wayfarer
              I think the most important quality is a positive attitude. Without having this, a negative or indifferent employee is a drain on the employer.