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    Incentives for employees or alternatives to giving bonuses

    stokestrip Wayfarer
      I own a travel agency
      and I want to gain some corporate clients that do or would like to do the following:

      1. Give employees travel incentives as a perk
      2. Lacks the budget for bonuses, but looking for something to still give to employees to let them know their work is appreciated.
      3. Needs employees to take weeks off without pay to avoid layoffs
      4. Has employees who are allotted 3wks or more vacation time
      5. Earn free travel
      6. Has employees that can do their work from any location in the world such as work from home, MLM, telecommuters
      7. Has past employees as current clients still using services provided - ex. AT&T retiree still using the phone services

      Morale is a large issue for every business today. Retaining loyal and productive employees is critical to keeping your clients coming back. I have some options for anyone looking for new ideas to increase the motivation and productivity of its staff. Happy workers are productive workers!