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    Running a marathon and need help with fundraising

    Miesha27 Newbie
      Good afternoon,

      I am currently training to run the Nike Women's Marathon on October 17, with Team In Training raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I have a goal set of the amount I want to raise, but I need some help. How would I go about receiving sponsors/donations from corporations/companies? I am not really sure to whom I should reach out to or where to start. Does Bank of America offer any charitable donations? Any donation is tax deductible. For more information and for a better understanding, please visit my webpage below.


      I'm sorry if this post is a little scattered!

      Thanks anyone for your help and suggestions.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Running a marathon

          Who r u?? Where are you?? Go to Members page and share some info

          If I was training to run a marathon and wanted help raising funds, I would contact your local newspaper and try and have them run an article or story about yourself and the L and L Society.

          Good luck
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            Spunkybear Adventurer
            One of things that you might try is getting some corporate sponsors to not only make donations, etc. but pay to have items made that can not only support the even, but recognize the sponsors as well. Everything from t-shirts to towels. Ou could them sell them prior to or even at the event. If you get any in print or on-air time in promoting your event, that item or items could be metioned as well as part of your fundraising efforts.

            If I can help with something liike that, please let me know.

            Good luck with your event!

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              rbbrown.scent Wayfarer
              Hi Miesha-

              I read your blog page about your cause and training. Bravo to you for getting involved and wanting to help. I own my own small business called Scentsy, and often do fundraisers. Scents is a wickless candle company, How this works is I send you a package with catalogs, order forms, and testers. Testers are some of the wax scents for people to be able to smell. You show friends, co-workers, and family members and they place orders for things they like. ALL of my commission is then donated back to Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! It is a great way to raise money and is fun at the same time. If you are interested or have questions please email me at Good luck and I hope to hear from you.

              Becky Brown