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    New Start up-any suggestions?

    valentinegirl Newbie
      Recently, we started a healthy living website for young girls, ages 6-16, of all shapes and sizes. In an effort to combat obesity, poor self esteem and complex issues, our site offers valuable resources for the everyday girl including a blog, games, recipes, exercise tips and apparel! We will be launching our site on June 1st. Our desperate dilemma stems from lack of funding for web development and content. We have been advertising throughout CraigsList, local colleges, family and friends. The "developer," either charges us $1500 for a start up site or the "writer," charges $50 an article! What is the normal rate for these services? Can we get by with just a simple site and copy and paste our content? With only a few weeks away, what can we do?
      We have so many questions? This is not our first business venture, however, it is our first online venture. We want to make sure we follow our plan and stop throwing away money.

      Kelly Jones
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          New Start up- Suggestions

          Kelly, I would be happy to mentor you.

          Other suggestions. Develop a business plan. also Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              valentinegirl Newbie
              Hi Luckiest,
              We already have a business plan and have worked with the SBDC for over a year. We also have several interested investors. At this point we are trying to pull as many resources together as we can to get our site up and running with an attractive layout and plenty of content. Our issue lies with finding a website designer who is budget friendly! There is also questions as to how we collect this content-can we cut and past as long as we include the author's link, does all of the content have to be original, what about clip art for images? We plan to continue our SEO,social media marketing, local children events, healthy expos as well as weekly press releases. There is a tremendous market out there for us, young girls, including overweight. We believe that once we glue our pieces together, the traffic including the advertisers will start to come.
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              Barky Dog Tracker
              Hi ValentineGirl,

              What I've found works really well is to post website and other job requirements on freelancer sites such as and/or You can post your job for free and you will quickly receive dozens of bids for your projects. You can review customer feedback for each person or company that bids on your job. You can then choose the web developer and/or writers that provide you with the best value and quality.

              Again, these services are free to you and can definitely help you save money.

              Good luck,

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                From what you are mentioning here, it sounds like I could refer you to a couple of web developers that can provide you quality work at a more aggressive price. Obviously, you would need to speak with them and give them your specs for an accurate quote, but it sounds very likely you can get a better price.


                As to copyright law, first let me state, I am not a lawyer. However, I am a copywriter, avid blogger and business consultant with experience in this area. The safest way for you to "use" other original public works is to write a brief intro of your own with a hyperlink to the author's work instead of simply cutting and pasting.


                Yes, bloggers will cut and paste the entire content of another blogger's post (including name and link back to the original piece). Usually this doesn't create a problem. But to protect yourself, the law states that you should simply refer back to the original content (written , video, audio file, etc...) in the event that the content's author choose to make changes to the content at a later date. If they do, and find that you have an old revision on your site, they can ask you to remove it.


                Regarding pictures, images, etc... the same applies as above. There are sites that provide images and clip art that are free for publication while others charge a fee and carry a restriction as to their use.


                If you have more questions, you can write to me at


                Hope this helps.


                Doug Dolan


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                  ladysaat Wayfarer
                  I am a webdesigner. Usually I do not post advertising my services, as usually people are lookign for an answer to a question not spam advertising from me. However, the idea behind your website is awesome! I'd be interested to speak with you about working something out. I believe you can pm me here on this forum. Then I can give you my email, website, etc. I'd really like to work something out with you that would benefit both of us and especially your wallet.

                  If you have already chosen a webdesigner and gotten started the one piece of advice I would give to is to make sure that you ask about maintenance, changes to the site, and ownership of the site and all of it's content. You don't want to be stuck down the road having to pay someone a fee to do a simple change, maintain your site or add something to it. Just ask them about their services and what they fully encompass and whether or not there are any future charges or fees associated with the site design and creation.

                  Good Luck to you guys, I really do honestly love the idea you have come up with!
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                    phanio Pioneer
                    You can have your website built using server side programming. This will allow you to upload content (your own or others) simply and easily without have to know html. There are also free article sites where you can get content for free (or provide a link back).

                    I also suggest you talk with Doug (thesologuide) - he is very knowledgable and can really help you move forward.

                    Lastly, there are several means of seeking financing - but, they depend on how much you are seeking and what the funds are to be used for. If you can provide a bit more details about your needs, we might be able to point you in the right direction.

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                        valentinegirl Newbie
                        Thanks so much for your response!

                        I just found a new web developer and we are upgrading the site this week. I have been online all weekend searching for free articles while modifying my existing ones. Do you know of any additional sites? In regards to financing, we are currently searching for sponsors that will support us throughout our summer events. We are offering three to six months of free advertising throughout the site for a sponsorship ranging from $500-$1500. In addition to our events, we are looking for start up funds in the amount of $2500-$5000. The majority of the start up funds will be utilized for promotional, advertisements throughout the social networking sites, press releases, and our upcoming apparel line. Since our site targets girls between the ages of 6-16, we feel that the opportunities are endless for us as well as the advertisers. Our objectives are clear. We want to create enough fun, interesting content that will encourage these girls to continue to interact with the site, maintain a buzz and ultimately establish a national campaign for healthy living, while making a profit!