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    Local small business marketing

    prostarprofit Wayfarer
      Many business that run their business in the local area do not truly understand the power of the internet. One thing many business are trying to cut back so using the internet only makes sense.

      All due to social media you can now advertise your business free. There use to be a saying that say “There is no such thing as FREE” Well that was before social media.

      These social media tools have search factors where you can build connections with people and businesses in your local area. Take for instance Gary Vee from the “Wine Library” they went from $3Mill to $50Mill in only a few short years buy using social media.

      Google has even launched “Google Local” there are also company that pay Google for their PPC marketing. There are even tools out there where you can pay flat rate of around $250 and they will get you business to the top of multiple search engine ;like Google, Yahoo, and even other top web site like Facebook.

      When other business are paying $5,000 per month for local advertising for Google only you can use some of the local advertising tools to only pay $250.

      The internet is a great solution even if you are your business local.

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          ramyaramani Newbie
          I agree to your point that "The internet is a great solution even if you are your business local." But having said that I do not agree to this point "There
          use to be a saying that say "There is no such thing as FREE" Well that
          was before social media."

          Free need not always be equated to the cost factor. For social media, the main factor involved is TIME. You need to dedicate certain number of hours a week to be active and make yourself heard among the crowd in social media. Social media requires time. Time is money. So social media is not free.
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            Time is money, so "free" isn't necessary great either-- nor is something paid necessarily better.
            The best answer for local advertising is to put more money into what works, such that you show up in maps, organic results, and paid results.
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              Marcus42 Newbie
              Advertising is no longer what it use to be.
              You can continue with print ads and hope for the best, but fact is the internet has changed everything.
              If you can show up on first page search with Google, Yahoo, MSN for local a search phrase like " Italian restaurant Croton NY" you're truly getting free advertising. It's easier and cheaper than you think
              Look at this example of a smart business owner on YouTube.
              Search engines love video.
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                rbbrown.scent Wayfarer
                On-line marketing is one of the strongest marketing tools you can have, but not the only one that should be relied on. I have learned that your marketing efforts need to be well rounded to get the best long term success. In my line of business,Scentsy Consultants, business has flurish from on-line marketing. I amlearning the basic things are I can do to learn about on-line marketing...any suggestions on websites or books?
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                  mobikas Adventurer
                  Text message marketing is great for local small businesses. Advertiser can send text message coupons, discount , promotion, alert, announcement, etc... directly to customer with mobile phone. This works well for most small local business such as beauty spa, hair salon, restaurants, flower shop, video rental, gym owner, mechanics, fashion store, dental, carpenter, plummer etc...

                  You can learn how it works by going to this link.