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    Making Yourself Indispensable

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      <!--Session data-->How can we make ourselves' more valuable to our company and improve our chances of surviving within the company??
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          IMO This is a two way relation and must be win win situation. You must be productive save more money and do your job faster, accurate with less supervison and your manager or boss must respect your efford and appriciation.

          Google has a great model people have to spend 20% of their time on innovation and generate more new services or anything they want. This approach generates more ownership more teamwork and employee feel they own the company.

          IMO the key factor is attitude and control the environment people relation and respect and perioritization also balance between teamwork and team member.

          But the important factor is leadership. In any failed business they are going to fire the boss and hire the new one because the leader can change everything with authority and leadership.

          Follow other people they will follow you ...

          Thanks for bringing up a great subject ...