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    Hollylady1 Newbie
      I want to buy wholesale to make the crafts that I am selliing to retail stores. Do I need a EIN and do I charge sales tax to the retailer?
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          alytus Scout
          yes , charge sales tax
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Home business, Welcome

            Who r u?? Go to Members page and share some info.

            Do you have an accountant??
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              bpfinance Adventurer
              I do recommend an EIN. Additionally, you are likely required to "charge" sales tax to the retailer, but in almost all circumstances they will provide you with a copy of their sales and use tax license as well as a statement that the items they are purchasing are for resale. In every state that I have worked with a company on this, they rarely end up actually charging the retailer sales tax. The state you are located in may be different as sales tax is governed entirely by states and localities.

              Also, have you put thought into how you want to set this business up? Do you know all of the licences you have to apply for before starting the business? Have you already talked to retailers about purchasing your items? These are all things you need to look into before you make your first purchase.

              Let me know if you have any more questions before you start your business up.

              Jeremy Barfield
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                jaxonm7 Newbie
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