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    Foreign Employee... In Foreign Land... How does that work?

    FredaPotter Newbie

      I am not a permament resident in U.S., I am staying here as a pending resident waiting for the government's ok or nay on my green card application. While I am here, I can get work permits while I wait.

      As a result, I have signed a contract with a new LLC company to help him start it up. This company works on developing websites, takes on commissions and works on its own website projects. Right now he is working on a social network website as his "Debut", if you may say that, and has hired me to work in that project to help with the social side while he works on the developmental side.

      The employer and I have met through a mutual friend through internet and we have never met in person yet. As of right now, and probably for a long time (until the social network starts needing an office and real life human resource management), I am not needed in person so I work from home.

      Now the question is, if the U.S. has rejected my offer then I need to go back to my country first thing. Work-wise, it should not affect me much since I work online... But I am not sure how I can continue working and get paid my wages while I am in my country? I tried finding information about it but it's mostly about foreigners coming in to U.S. or big companies out-sourcing.