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    New Invitations E-Business

    Chrissy061984 Newbie
      Im looking to begin on a new adenture with an E-Business but am unsure of how to begin.

      I am trying to research on:

      what type of paperwork is required?
      Any suggestions on websites?
      Basic Operational Costs?

      I basically want to know as much as possible to avoid any surprises.

      I am aware that 85% of Small businesses do not make it within the first year and 50% of those do not make it past 5 years, so I am trying to make sure that what I start will flourish.

      Thank you in advance for any answers.
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          swapi12 Wayfarer
          First and foremost thing in e-business is to having a user friendly website where in people can easily navigate through your products and get aware of that. Its very important after launching your website you need to market your website very well so that people can get aware of it. An E-commerce website will cost you around $300 to $500. And you have to use SEO services so that your site will get marketed very well. The company which will develop your website will definately provide you the this service. You can contact the various companies of web solutions. As i will suggest you contact IIWS Industry integrated web solutions who specializes in e-commerce websites. You can contact them from there website i.e
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            polark Newbie
            i have been in e-business for some time. For one it quite competitive esp in developed countries. once established the returns are impressive considering the running costs are very low. the largest cost is Marketing the site and the service offered should be relevant the the target market.
            The paper work is minimal unless for your office back up! Of course ensure the it is user friendly and straight foreward. Research has shown that visitors to sites are put off by redirection, so have as much stuff as possible available within your site but not 3rd party sites...
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