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    Please Help. I need some accounting career advice.

    willy0392 Wayfarer
      I am a grade 11 high school studet. For my accounting class, i was assigned to do a career research on the international field of accounting. Obviously, my research is to ask an expert in the community who works in the field of accounting. So i would really appreciate if anybody in this forum can help me with my project. I have a few questions regarding accounting careers. I would really appreciate if you can take a few minutes of your day to answer my questions. If you are kind enough to help me please send the answer for the following questions via email to: Please and Thank you

      Q: What is your official job title? What company do you work for? Where is your company located?

      Q: Describe a typical day at your job?

      Q: What are your job responsibilities?

      Q: What kind of education do you need to work for this experience?

      Q: What is your working environment? At home? At office?


      Thank you for answering all the questions. I really appreciate your time. Please email at: