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    Can a subcontractor place a lien on my shop?

    sachapp464 Newbie
      I am in the process of starting up my business and I am a sole proprietor. I hired a licensed contractor to do the improvements on my space and signed a contract with him. The plumber that my contractor hired stopped showing up to the job site after only the rough plumbing was done. He now claims that my contractor has not paid him; my contractor claims he has paid the plumber for the work done so far. My contractor also says that there was no contract on paper between his company and the plumber - that it was an oral agreement. The plumber is now threatening to put a lien on my shop for the money he claims he is owed by my contractor. I am leasing the property so I am not the owner and my lease states that I am entirely responsible for the improvements made to the property. Can the plumber legally place a lien on my shop or have any legal claim against me?