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    Now sure the best way to register my LLC

    Graytbiz Wayfarer
      My Businesses all revolved around technology services

      I have one LLC (LLC1) that I am the sole "owner" of and LLC1 and I created another LLC (LLC2).
      LLC1 is the holding Company and LLC2 is the operating company. Although
      I think I messed up when I made myself part owener with LLC1 of LLC2.
      (I hope this is able to be followed.)
      I have ended up only using LLC2 to have a DBA (because I don't like the
      name I chose for LLC2). I have recently decided to completely change my
      business model and appearance. I am now looking to start another LLC
      with the new company name to start doing business with. (LLC3)

      When I started LLC1 I aquired an EIN from the IRS and opened a bank
      account. I also created a DBA to cash some checks I had recieved for
      services rendered. I then took some of that money and created LLC2 from
      LLC1's bank account. I then aquired another EIN and opened an account
      for LLC2. I also aquired the same DBA as I had with LLC1 and opened a
      second checking account attached to LLC2's bank account to receive
      payments and make payments from that account. Since then I have closed
      the account for LLC1 and am not able to make any more financial
      transactions from it at this point.

      I am now looking to setup this new LLC and am wondering what is the
      best way to go abou this... I know how to get my own certificate of
      formation and could register for another EIN if need be.

      My new business plan includes
      -Technical Services Rendered
      -Retail sales of hardware and software
      -Warranty repairs
      and thats about it.

      What is the best line of action for creating this new LLC3 (I am looking to continue to have a holding and operating company)
      Should I just Register LLC3 with only LLC2?
      Should I create another EIN and open another bank account?
      What do I have to do about selling products?
      How do I work sales tax?

      Thank you for your time,

      Justin Gray