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    Expanding my business

    kmajek Newbie

      What is the role of a business coach and does anybody has experience with them?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Who are you?? Where are you??

          How long have you been in business??
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              envisionary Wayfarer
              Hi Pipeliner.

              I can hear your frustration. Seems like I talk to a lot of frustrated business people lately. You haven't given many details, but it sounds like you are needing business financing. We put our clients in the hands of a group that helps businesses - start ups and established) with loans, working capital, and equip lease/financing. They also work with A-C credits which means that even with a bankruptcy in your past, they will still try to work with you. The only thing is you have to be a US business. Please feel free to email me (check out my profile for my email address) and let's see what I can do to help you out. I'll also be glad to help you out with a couple of other resources depending on what you're looking for.

              Hope this helps!
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                kmajek Newbie

                I run a medical practice and have been rying to expand the practice to make it a mult-site as well as a multi-physician practice for the past two years. I have very limited experience in running a businesss and have currently been looking into the possibility of hiring a business coach. Has anybody used such service before and what should one expect from them?
                Any info will be greatly appreciated