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    the reason you don't buy goods on this site?

    haiwin Newbie
      hello, every one
      I have runned this necktie shop online for nearly one year. there are more than 1000 styles available in shop now .quanlity is very good and the price is low (most of ties are priced $15) however, business is not good. there are only about 20 buyers place orders monthly. I am wondering whether ties are still necessary nowadays. if more and more people wear T-shirt,instead of shirt+ties in office, is it wise to stop further investment on this website?

      I also want to know if there are other reasons why people are not willing to buy goods from my website.
      I will appreicate any suggestion from you.
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          Just a couple of quick thoughts.


          With a down economy and a number of companies in the US going to a relaxed dress code, I would imagine the tie business is down. How are you advertising your business and to whom?


          Your copy on your site could use some work. There are some grammatical errors and the text focuses on "we" (meaning your company) and not "you" (meaning the customer). Grammatical errors can diminish your appearance of being a professional company.


          You don't accept credit card orders. This is the most convenient way for most people to shop. I imagine you lose a portion of business by requiring credit card customers to go through setting up an account on PayPal first. If you are going to stick with this policy, I would at least put a live link from your site to PayPal, opening up in a separate window.


          I hope this helps.


          Doug Dolan


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            amspcs Ranger
            ISolo has absolutely hit upon one the major causes of your problems. Offering Paypal as sole form of payment is a very big problem. Paypay can and should be a part of your payment array, but to have it as the ONLY option is .
            guaranteed failure. Too many hassles, too many security concerns, too many limitations....the reasons go on and on. Bottom line...many potential buyers walk rather than complete the transaction
            because they are turned off by Paypal. You need to make it easy and convenient for people to buy from you, otherwise many won't.

            On this subject, I replied to you privately at the email address indicated on your website. Please respond. Thanks, and good luck..


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              bridetobe321 Newbie
              I think your website looks nice. The pictures are vibrant and colorful. It's easy to order. I agree with the grammatical errors being a turn-off though. Consider hiring someone to write some professional copy, and focus on the customer with your wording.

              I would also consider a feedback area where your current, frequent customers can leave their positive messages.

              I'm not sure what kind of marketing you are doing, but you have a very specific niche market. Consider spending some money doing a high profile ad campaign. It will pay off in the end.

              Good luck! If my fiance wore ties, I would surely purchase from you!
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                AllOverPr Newbie

                Well one of the main reasons is marketing. How are you marketing your website? I buy online all the time and never seen it before until now. I never thought about buying ties online before and it seems it would be a huge success. We do a large amount of marketing analysis for companies and Google keywords are the way to go. Either buy into advertising or if you really only have a handful of customers buying then change the web address to something that people would put in a search engine.

                P.S Really liked the format of your website.
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                  vharkish Adventurer

                  Good lookin site, but when i wanted to buy something, it said i'm not a member? I don't have an account? can you buy something without creating an account? Why not? this limited me and I left the website.

                  You gotta make it easier for the customer to add to cart, show price, shipping, add info, Order complete.

                  I have an ecommerce website and majority of my sales come from credit cards.. why are you not accepting them?


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                      alvinm Wayfarer
                      how are you doing? I checked your website and there are few things that I would like you to consider:

                      firstly I think that your site purely depicts the picture of a sales page. Do you know how to optimize via SEO? Are you using keywords in your text? If not then you must have a look at it so that you are ranked top on your desired keywords e.g. buy tie online- on that keyword you must be at the top of the search rankings.

                      Secondly if you feel that its no longer a trend then either create new uses of it or target only that particular corporate sector that still wears a tie.

                      Thirdly bring in new discount offers and coupons etc to attract new customers to your website.

                      Hope this helps.


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                          tomead Newbie
                          I have to agree, especialy with the SEO. The most bang for the buck I am getting with advertising is with facebook. I was able to set up an ad with a $3.00/day budget and target the specific target by age, gender, interest, etc. My $3.00 a day is getting me several clicks, and a couple thousand impressions daily. This is far better results than I was getting using Google adwords.
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                        haiwin Newbie
                        thanks for all valued suggestion .
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                          urbanexp Wayfarer
                          Advertise your business on Google or yahoo maybe opening an account with ebay with a link to your store people are still using ties but think about your competition with all the coupons and promotions i can go to any department store and buy a name brand for $15.00 or less and beside who want to wait 10 days for a tie and your ties are too high to be off brand chinese