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    When you're the employee...

    gracie.907 Newbie
      To give you guys some background:
      I was sick and tired of my low intelligence, low income, and low expectation jobs so I went on craigslist one day and posted myself. I wanted a job where I was needed and didnt have to bust my butt to make 1000$ a month (In Alaska thats how much you would make working at McDonalds). In the ad I advertised my good people skills and knack for keeping things organized.
      I didn't expect anyone to call me but someone did! and I got hired!
      So now I have this great opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in an industry I have never really worked in (window and door installation services, I do marketing, sales, and the paperwork part of this small business). I think it's important to also note that I'm only 18.

      I need some advice on how to approach my boss and talk to him about some concerns I have.

      Bossman pays me under the table right now but I need a car for this job. To do some parts running, errands during the day, and going to see potential clients. Unfortunately I cannot get a car loan without proof of income.
      How do I ask him about becoming an official employee?

      He talked some about helping me with the money for a car, like fronting it to me.
      How should I approach him to ask him when he can do that? Or if he was even being serious?

      He also still owes me money from my last pay week, I understand that January is slow, but whats some tips, or ways to be assertive with my superior?

      I have always been friends with my previous boss', because of the kind of jobs I've always had, and I don't know how to approach him without crossing the line.

      Thanks so much, any imput will help!


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          DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
          Frist of all I would like to congratulate you on being proactive and selling yourself and your skills! That speaks highly of your confidence and desire to succeed.

          Secondly, always be leary of being paid under the table as it is illegal. So just by accepting this job you have given up some rights and any help from the labor laws in your state. If the boss doesn't want to put you on his insurance or pay the taxes he should hire you as an independent contractor.

          You may want to talk to him about that. You have a great way to start the conversation as you do need to prove employment to finance a car. Start there, simply approach him and tell him you want to go start the process of financing a car but they require employment verification. This will start the process of talking about being put on the actual books or becoming a contractor. Give both options and see what he says.

          Hope this helps
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            Gracie, why not just level with him and explain your situation, as clearly as you have done here? If he or she is reasonable as it would appear, you have nothing to lose. Good luck!