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      Is it better to organize your resume by relevant skills or by experience/previous jobs?

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          dublincpa Scout
          Ideally the two versions won't be that different. Employers prefer relevant experience to be recent.

          If that is just not how it is for whatever reason, I like to see the chronology in the resume. Any reconciliation of why you are right for the job even if it has been a while is best detailed in the cover letter. If it's a bit of story better to get the truth out than omit crucial details in the interest of extreme brevity. Sob stories should be avoided though.
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            Intelicapital Adventurer

            It is best to include your relevant skills within your experience, listed in chronological order. A summary towards the top is fine and some people will include a technical summary within each chronological experience section. Then list your Education, Certifications, and Professional Associations in that order. Here's an outline:

            *Name/Contact Info
            *Chronological Experience Summaries w/ Technical Skills outlined possibly
            *Professional Associations

            Good luck,
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              DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
              Resume professionals will tell you to focus on your skills first and experience second if you have very little experience. However, if you have substantial experience you should just include the skills in the job descriptions and you can list pertinent skills in your cover letter.