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    Deal with or Directly Handle?

    luckyduck2010 Newbie
      I have a new employee who sits in the cube directly in front of me. She continually shouts over the cube walls in our area to speak to me, and sometimes to another person. No subject is off limits: personal or work topics. This happens every day, several times an hour. When she was first hired, she asked me if it's appropriate to speak over the walls and I said generally no, because we sit in a very quiet location. Is this something I should just chalk up to a personality issue and deal with? , or is there a way I can ask her to stop?
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          puzzleman Tracker
          If you told her not to talk over the wall, what did you do when she first did it? You didn't say anything and gave unsaid approval to what she did. Now that the problem has gotten out of hand, you want someone to come up with a magic answer to solve the problem.

          The magic answer is: Get your courage up and talk to this person privately and repeat the rule. When the person steps out of line, let them know at that moment. If they continue, pursue further action.

          The basic problem is that you made a rule but didn't enforce it. It is not the employee's fault that you did not stick to your rules. This is a situation that you created by not speaking up when the rule was first violated.

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            DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
            When working in an office, we all have to tolerate a certain amount of quirky or different personality types. This is a basic reality. However, if this employee's talking over the wall is disruptive to others it must be addressed! One cannot just simply put up with behavior that is negatively impacting others in the office.

            You should address her privately and politely. Make it more about how the behavior is impacting others rather than the fact that she is doing something wrong. This will help to elminiate that immediate defensive response that many get when accused of doing something wrong. Make it about how the office should be and how you can get it back to that quiet work environment.