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    On-line Business from Scratch?

    giftsearcherz Wayfarer
      We have started an on-line shopping service business. We have worked long and diligently on our site. Great. It felt like a wonderful accomplishment. Well, now it sits, looking pretty but only to us. Why? Because no one knows we are there. I'm sure this is a question asked by many a layperson. The info on the internet is overwhelming to say the least for newbies like ourselves. Any words of wisdom from successful business entrepeneurs that can remember what it was like first starting out?

      Thanks in Advance,
      Gift Searcherz
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          vharkish Adventurer

          Hi Giftsearcherz,

          Awesome looking site : ) great job. Now the real fun and hard work begins: Marketing.

          You have to

          1) put in the Search Engines: Google/Yahoo/MSN. (if you can't do it hire an affordable (SEO) it's very important.
          2) Submit your SiteMap to Goog/Y/Msn.
          3) do some pay per click : Google Adwords, Shopzilla,, Amazon, Ebay, etc.. i'd recommend $50 each to start and see which works for your product.
          4) open up a facebook/twitter/ and start networking to get the word out.

          5) blog/articles are next, but you gotta start from the 4 steps. be willing to work hard, stay up nights as it's not easy and requires a lot of work, but trust me it'll pay off, i've been doing it not to long ago and it's paid off 1000's in profits. so start, researching, learning, working. and let the fun begin : )
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            SEO.SEM.Geek Adventurer
            Hi good luck with your new startup.


            SEO (search engine optimization) as a mid-term and long-term plan but there is
            a catch. It is not close targeting solution. It is good for your brand and
            product category and it is useful to let other people know what are you offer
            to them. It may generate 1*0%-30%* sales after 3-6 months.

            SEM (search engine marketing) is a fast and readymade solution for your startup
            and long term approach. But you must be very careful. Start with small budget
            to find how the system works. Google AdWords is the best solution but it is too
            tricky and simple but complicated at the same time. It can drive 30%-70% of
            your sales traffic.


            Try directory submission and social
            networking power. Have a facebook account, twitter and more. Try to be a useful
            person for others, give them good information and good offer but do not be just
            a sales man.


            Test instead of guesswork so you
            need to monitor your website activity. Use Google Analytic to monitor your
            website traffic, source of traffic and more. The good thing, it is free and
            well documented.

            What they're looking for and what do you offer them and how you navigate them
            in your website? These are key questions which you may to know to figure out
            your KPI (key performance Indicators).

            Try to have a marketing plan with strategy, budget, goal, geo-targeting,
            occasional opportunity.

            Great SEO plan just provide your visibility in search engines and it may drive
            traffic to your website. SEM generates traffic for your website too. But it is
            important to know do you have traffic or quality traffic?


            Traffic just increases your website visitors.
            Quality traffic increases your sales. How can you measure them and find them?
            The answer is your Analytic account.

            Control your cost, stay on your budget and do not advertise aggressively. Try
            to solve the problems one at the time. Divide them to small pieces.

            As a starting point if you are not familiar with SEO, SEM or KPI search then in*Wikipedia*.

            You can ask other people to do your job in SEO, SEM but ask about their
            portfolio first and ask them to describe the process, cost and outcome also the
            time table.


            Take a look at for shopping cart solutions if you consider to have one.


            Aware of scams, if it is too good to be true it is not true.
            Good Luck with your startup and I hope it helps you
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              DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer

              Congrats and GREAT SITE! Very nicely done!

              You have already received some excellent advice and I would follow it to the letter! I just wanted to take that advice one step further for you. If all of this SEO and SEM and article writing and pay per click talk has you overwhelmed.....fear not! There are people out there that can help you with the marketing relatively cheaply!


              Check out sites like and these are sites that are FILLED with very experienced people that you can hire very inexpensively! You will be surprised at how inexpensively you can hire people to manage many of your marketing projects. It can be overhwelming when you are just starting out, don't give up! You put a lot of work into your site and this is just the next step to success!

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                I own an Internet Marketing firm in the Clearwater FL. I can help you get found. The best thing to do is give me a call so I can better understand your business like:
                • What do you sell
                • Who is your customer
                • Male or Female
                • Age
                • Local or world
                The better I understand what you do the better we can create a plan of action.