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    I want to outsource appointment setting ... suggestions?

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      Hi Fellow Business Peers...

      I am looking for a good sales lead team, company or person to employ. Their primary responsibility would be to book qualified appointments with small / medium sized businesses in a specific area for myself and our new consultants.

      About Us and What We Do:
      The core of our business is helping small / medium sized businesses save money on their fixed costs... such as: Phone, Internet, Electricity, CC / Debit Card Processing... We are partnered with many different vendors in each industry thereby giving us the ability to suggest the most appropriate choice for our clients, almost always guaranteeing a better rate for the same or better service. The Business owner pays nothing for our service, we are paid by the provider(s), making our service free to our clients.

      What I'm looking for specifically:
      Helping businesses save money, especially during this economy, is big business so I am now bringing on a few employees which is why I am looking to pay a company or a person to set qualified appointments. Specifically I am looking to outsource cold-calling and am wanting to pay per appointment or per closed deal. The latter is better because we have a high close rate based on the fact that we can almost always reduce a business owners fixed costs.

      If you know of any great companies or people who are cold calling machines that I should look into please let me know.

      Kind Regards!