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    starting a boutique needs advice..

    jade23 Newbie
      Hey, I am thinking about opening a boutique and just needed some pointers or advice from business owners or anyone who may know on the first steps into starting one... thanks for your information.
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          First, determine what will be special about your boutique (referred to as your UVP - unique value proposition) - what makes it unique and why will customers buy from you versus buying from other boutiques, shops, online retailers, etc...


          Second, define your target market. The more defined the better. Saying you plan on selling clothes to women between the ages of say 25 - 45 is weak. Not all women in this age range have the same needs, tastes, or income.


          Third, perform market research and analysis. You need to prove (and be open to disproving) whether your idea has the strong potential to be profitable.


          Third, develop a business plan.


          If you need help with any of these steps, I have them on my site. The link to my home page is below.


          I hope this helps get you started.


          Doug Dolan


          The Solopreneur's Guide