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    Denver SEO loves Bank of America Small Business Community!

      I posted a couple days ago on if anyone has had experience with ReachLocal, Yodle, or other advertising companies specializing in local. While I was disappointed that nobody has responded to it yet-- probably the wrong audience, I checked my Google Alerts just now and see that the post got picked up by Google.

      So what that does tell us is that the Bank of America SBOC is trusted by Google and people are coming to read what we have to say, whether or not they actually respond. So my hats off to the Bank of America team for providing this resource to us and for getting Google to love the site.

      I put Denver SEO in the title of this post to see if this forum has enough power to rank on more competitive terms-- likely not, but worth a test. Incidentally, SEO is Search Engine Optimization, and like people who have an MBA but call themselves MBAs, the same is true with SEOs. We are in Denver, but don't have many clients in Denver, so it's not a term that is particularly value to us.

      Has anyone else had experience with their SBOC posts showing up in Google search results-- or I am just one of the last ones to the party to discover this?

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          Iwrite Pioneer
          I have and I believe Lighthouse has also. I think most of us haven't checked. The flip side to this is that some posts have reappeared on other sites but not credited to the people who wrote them.

          I don't think you are the last one to the party, most of the posters here aren't using this site to it's fullest potential. They could be be building a stronger web presence, positioning themselves as subject matter experts - not to mention the wealth of advice that is available here. To get more from this or any other tool requires a strategy and too many of us think getting things done for the cheapest amount is a sound strategy.

          Let me pull up! No, you are not the only one to notice but I do not believe the number of folks that realize that Google is paying attention is that large.

          FYI, I don't have experience with the companies that specialize in local. I didn't respond because during the holidays I am away from the site a lot. For me, the problem with advertising agencies that specialize is that if you are advertising in different media it requires more work to insure that the message is consistent when you are working with niche agencies. One full service agency can help you develop a strategy that encompasses all of the areas, giving you a message that stays true to your brand no matter where you are advertising, That's my two cents worth. Oh yeah, it can get costly to have a interactive agency, a direct mail agency, a general agency, a local agency, and so on... The more one agency can do for you the better.
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              I 100% agree with you. It's hard enough for a small business to afford even one interactive agency, much less affording multiple ones that specialize in building websites, building ad campaigns, doing email marketing, filming video, and so forth. I believe that our company has a unique solution to this-- want to hear more? We've been at it for a few years trying to create efficiency. Check out, which is a colleague's blog on social media, to see how we think Local is changing in 2010.

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              How are you? Good to connect with you again here.


              I have seen some of my comments posted in this community come up on my Google Alerts - primarily under my name and the name of my blog.


              As to local advertising, I am currently getting involved with a company that guarantees brick & mortar companies with securing one of the top 7 spots on Google Maps (and ultimately page 1 of Google) when people search by a specific keyword and location (i.e. lawyer Rochester NY). The name of the company is


              All the Best,


              Doug Dolan

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