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    In search of a possibly great website developer. Know any?

    Ambitoussss Wayfarer
      I am looking to start a website, as alot of us are. I have been searching online hoping to find a company that would develop my idea into my website. I'm guessing I will need a website designer also as my current website company are a total disapppointment (hit web design). Just wondering if any of you had any luck. Thanks in advance.
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          Have you considered and, where you can post your detailed requirements and also check the ratings of web developers, just like you would on ebay? If you want someone from the US, you're probably going to have to pay a lot more. For example, if you were to hire us, we start at $10k for websites, unless it's a common service business such as a dentist, lawyer, roofer, etc..

          What's your website about and what goals do you have for it?


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              Ambitoussss Wayfarer

              I do have to say that hearing 10k sounds very disappointing. I don't own a huge profitable business so I would never think it is smart for me a small business owner to spend that much right off the bat. You are right, americans do charge alot for knowledge and skill. I did check out those links and will take more time looking more into it. Although not very comfortable with hiring a out of country business. I appreciate the feed back.

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              josephfreeman Wayfarer
              start from top global - to specific details.

              1. Top global is your layout - find the best in this field who will create layout that is separate from your content, an unobtrusive and stylish CSS. To find the best simply browse the Zen Gargen gallery. Contact the designer which design you like the most - negotiate (they are not cheap there) - and sure you will have classy tree top web identity. This will be ussually a CSS file with several images.

              2. Find hosted CMS. This will solve many of your cares. Since with the classy design you already have - you cannot mess too much with the design , while you enter your content. Try CMS that allows to implement custom web applications, along with the regular static webpages , which content you will maintain yourself. SO in future , if you need some functionallity added to your website - you just visit oDesk, and hire some indian for one dolar a month to do your job. And while you make your order on oDesk, you should not tell what you need politely, since they would take you for soft. You talk lake slave owner to slaves.

              CMS choice is important,and you do not have to rush. You keep in mind that you gave money for your CSS layout, which is flexible . Free CMS is free thing. Not serious and it shows from a mile. You will need all the time to visit oDesk for help. Cheap but time is money too. Some CMS area way too expensive (for some weird reason) - as if at the end they not spew webpagase , but truffles. The best cms wold have something with the best, and you will feel it. Be carefull - if they use the words "Instant demo" - but when you click - if you do not go right in to the product they offer, but there is a form where they ask you EVERYTHING- then just keep away. If this company beats about the bush right from the hope page, what to talk about when some real complication comes. Look for instant demo, where you could test drive the product to see if it is a waste of time. Then look for an option to create your entire website, prior to any comitment. And of course the easy wuit option.

              The most modern way is to just point the nameservers to the hosted CMS service server. And this, after your website is already ready and tested there. One they if you want to quit with them - point the nameservers somewhere else - and you are free as a bird.

              Feel free to contact me for more info if interested


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