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    Pay for Performance" marketing companies, any REAL ones out

    djwoodmansee Newbie
      Back to the online marketing topic.

      "Pay for Performance" marketing seems to be the newest buzz words on the net. It sounds great at first! If the marketing company doesn't get you sales, they don't get paid!
      Unfortunately, I have yet to find an internet marketing company that is TRULY pay for performance. They just want their money up front for "set up" fees. Now if I was to pay someone, let's say $500.00 for a set up fee and 6 months later I haven't had a sale generated from them, do I get refunded? Can they prove that they've actually done anything for that 500 bucks? The answer to both questions is a big NO!

      What do you think?

      Daniel Woodmansee
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          There is a company called focusing on getting brick and mortar businesses listed in the top 7 listings on Google maps for specific keywords / phrases.


          Here's the link to the home page:



          They do require a $250 set up fee, however, if they can't produce the results that they promise, they will refund you 100% of your fee. I believe they state a 30 - 60 timeframe. If they do get you in the top 7 (a proven result), your initial $250 fee will apply to your first month's payment. They then charge a month fee to keep you in that top 7.


          I hope this helps.


          Doug Dolan


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            There are companies that will charge you per lead-- as in a phone call generated or appointment. These "affiliate" companies are true "pay for performance" companies and you can find ones that don't have set-up fees. You should evaluate, however, the quality of the leads. And it's unlikely that a large company will be able to do that-- you need to find someone local to your area who understands your business.
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              DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
              When you say pay for performance you are covering a lot of ground! Some very legitimate companies offer services that include getting you ranked in the search engines, driving traffic to your site which of course should lead to sales. There are very few if any that actually will do all the work only to get paid if you get a sale. There is a lot involved if you are referring to internet marketing. Be careful with the term pay for performance as it means different things to different people!

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                wordperfect Scout

                Hello, there are some very good comments here, especially Debbie ??? it is a rather wide wandering generality. Also, as Doug Sologuide and I discussed in another post, MARKETING is a rather large basket, so it does depend on what you are wanting.


                However, and it is of absolutely no use to you unless you want to develop a China market, we DO provide a service similar to that which you describe and have done for some time. We call it Angel Venture Marketing, for obvious [I hope! reasons. also available in Chinese! Blatant plug, see if mods are awake!


                In simple terms, if we think someone has an excellent product, service and has a good business plan that has a reasonable chance of success we will work for a negotiated fee, which in some cases has been FREE.


                Of course, there is not such thing as a totally free lunch, like Venture Capital providers we negotiate an exit clause and a form of compensation, but it does help very small players over the cash hump in getting started.


                Happy New Year