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    starting a business from nothing! where do i begin!?

    Victoriabb Newbie

      hey. i'm 19 and i really want to open my own boutique. i have some designs, and i can sew a little, but i think i need to get a manufacturer to make my clothes for me.. how do i go about that? also, i'm not a very good artist, so i dont know if i could explain my designs good enough for the manufacturer.. is that an actual problem? or are there ways to work through it? also, i'm going to need funding. i'm just not quite sure for what yet.. i know i would need money the pay the manufacturer, and to open up shop. but i dont know any kind of details. i need to see about getting a loan, right? i really need advice! anything will help! thank you! -victoria
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting a business, Welcome Victoria Go to Members page and share some info.

          If you want to start a business, do the following two items.

          Develop a business plan. Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE.
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            phanio Pioneer
            It's good that you want to start and run your own business. To get started you should start with a business plan. A business plan will help you ask and find answers to all of these questions. Also, does not matter that you don't have experience - if you set your mind to it - you can work through anything. There are several manufacturing associations that you should check out - they can help you source and manaufacture your goods. Try:

            National Association of manufacturers (


            NAM Manufacturing Buyer's Guide (

            Manufacturing Extension Partnership (

            Also, you might think about working for a boutique for a few months to see how they operate and where they source their goods. This will help you develop your plan and give you a bit of experience.

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              Hi 19! I read some of the answers u received. They r excellent. However, I did all of that, in fact several times. U r 19 and thats the key word. Do the bus plan, contact score and SBA and beg. Here is what we did. 1. worked in the industry for 7 yrs. 2. Formed S corp. , maxed my visa (16,000) and went for it. Worked out of my apt. (so that was my financing) Now all I needed was customers. (they don't grow on trees) My 7 yrs as an employee turned out to be a dead end, but I now knew who was buying, I thought I had all the parts to the puzzle and I guess I did. I'm doing 7 figures now. Sounds like u want do something, but what? I would suggest getting an (investor) and that will probably be as hard as getting funding. Try giving part of your business away in exchange for funding and guidence. Definitelyget everything in writting. Not just a lawyer (a specialist in your line). Keep digging till u get a plan. Good Luck
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                DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
                I think it is great that at your age you want to start your own company! Hurray for you! There is a lot of work to be done but as long as you remain positive and passionate about your boutique, you will get there! As others have suggested, you do need a business plan, you can find all kinds of help creating a business plan online, and for free! You should also seek out a mentor, someone who has been there done that and can walk you through the process. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce and ask about mentors in your field.

                Wish you the best of luck, I simply love seeing young people with goals and passion!
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                  OfficeGoddess Navigator

                  A business plan is definitely a must, but first you must set up a business!  Check out for a comprehensive list on setting up your business.