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    Copy write theft, Need Ideas and someone who can

      who is licensed to practice in Illnois. This is one of those stories that you think will only happen to someone else. It not only is identy theft, but Design, Catalogue and employee theft. I started my business on the kitchen table, Expaned to the Basement and then to a rented office. In my third year my business was written up as the business of the year, the next bench mark was when we hit six figures and by the sixsth or seventh year we broke the seven figure income. Mind you this is gross and it really is not a lot of money unless you consider we are seasonal. Well we opened two upscale retail outlets and thought we were on our way. I won't go into all the detail but (we weren't) While being distracted, one of my employees stold my catalogue and designs and (didn't even change the Name) and started marketing my products in her name, then began to bid against me to manufacture my products . I discovered this about six months ago, seems it was going on for about two years, Of course I fired her and the others that were in on it. We lost both stores and I have been struggleing to keep from closing. I managed to turn a profit this year, although not debt free, I can now focus on this problem, both these people have property and I assume they have money (mine at least) I am a single mom with two children, SO I Need solid advice and Affordable representation.