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    SEC Filings

    Ryan524 Wayfarer
      Does anyone know of any company I can outsource the handling of SEC filings to for my corporation. I was reading up on SEC filing exemptions but it seems really hard to sell stock under an exemption because there are so many restrictions. I've reviewed SEC filings form other companies and mas actually quite lost as to what exactly they were talking about, I highly doubt I could handle doing that myself so I want to fins if there a law firm or someplace that can handle that for me and if so would the cost be reasonable?
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          knowhosting Wayfarer
          You should not do the SEC filings yourself. They are complicated and if you mess up, you pay penalties - or worse yet - get investigated for not disclosing properly.

          Hire a lawyer to these for you.

          I talked to a friend who uses an attorney for these sort of things. Here is who he recommended:

          Michael T. Raymond from DickinsonWright -
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            Bridge Navigator
            Start from the beginning. Why do you think you need to make SEC filings?

            Are you a public company?

            Are you looking to do a private offerng to raise money?

            From the sound of it, it appears you might be interested in a private placement offering to rasie money but I am not sure.