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    1 bank or 2

    Geohir Newbie
      I have a small business, and I am opening a business account at a smaller local bank. should I keep a second account at the national bank? is there any advantage to having 2 checking accounts?
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          Howard Adventurer

          I don't see any advantage to having two active checking accounts at two different banks, in fact it may work against you. To avoid fees some times you have to maintain a certain balance or perform a type of transaction. Personally, it would confuse me to maintain two active accounts for my business.
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            phanio Pioneer
            Geohir - Howard is correct - having too many accounts to keep track of may do more harm than good. The idea with a bank account is to match it to your needs. If you plan on being a national business - choose a national bank. If you plan to be a local or regional business, choose a local or regional bank. Also, when selecting your bank - try to think about your long-term needs. What banking services can you anticipate needing in say 5 years and does the bank you are looking at have those services.

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              propoint1 Newbie


              Sometimes business owners setup separate accounts to make it easier to keep track of things. I have clients that set up separate accounts for the ATM and credit card transactions. I also had a customer recently tell me that he had separate account set up to receive credit card deposits. He never touched this account for 2 years and ended saving $38,000, which he used as a downpayment for a real estate purchase.

              Hope this helps.

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                khmarks Newbie
                I have run several companies and advise others. Yes, I'd keep both with one as your primary account and the other as a backup or payroll account. Not sure of your industry ...we have found that having a larger bank can be useful with more sophisticated needs like a dealing with a foreign customer, letters of credit, leases, etc... In addition, you may need additional credit at sometime and one bank may have an appetite for your needs and the other won't. It really helps to have ongoing relationships when you have an immediate need or alternatives.