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    How Fast Do You Respond To Emails?

    iyazam Adventurer
      How long does it take you to respond to an email? In the world of the internet waiting more then 24 hours is considered a long time!

      I believe this is why many businesses fail. So many people suffer from this problem called waiting.

      Recent studies have shown that you can get an indication about a person based on this issue of responding to emails. If it takes someone a long time to respond and it happens over and over again - then you know that this person simply doesn't care about your email. Stay away from them and focus on building your business with serious people.

      Another issue is when sending someone a lead and they don't even bother to thank you for it. (This has happened to me time and time again when I send people leads and I don't even receive a thank you.) This shows that the person who you are sending a lead lacks appreciation and this tells me not to send anymore leads their way.

      Why is that? Because I want to send leads to people who are serious and to people who mean business.

      One of the most interesting things that I have seen in the world of business is that those people who are super successful - also find the time to respond to emails on time. Even if its a small note. For the industry leaders this has become a habit and they know very well that its these little things that build a business. points out that when a prospect or who ever it may be sees that you are responding quickly - they see that you care about them and this attracts them to do business with you.

      So the next time someone sends you an email...Don't Wait! respond as fast as you can.
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          wmiller Newbie
          Good post. I agree that promptness does make a good impression...but from a consumer's point of view, I might not expect a quick reply from a 2 person landscaping company as I would from an internet-based company. When I email an internet company, and I get the auto-reply stating that I should expect a reply within 72 hours, I'll spend the first few of those hours looking for their competition...
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            Iwrite Pioneer
            Nice. Thank you for this. I think manners have been forgotten. I try to respond as quick as possible, it isn't like I am sitting around waiting for an email. I feel that it only takes a couple of minutes to shoot out a response.

            No one is that busy that they need two or three days to respond to an email. I have had Fortune 500 C-level folks return emails in a matter of hours. Because of the sheer volume he gets, Mark Cuban responds in a day or two, but he answers as many emails as he can or at least he did.

            Thank you again for the post.
            • TIME IS MONEY.
              ibrahimusman Newbie
              Greetings,I am Ibrahim from West Africa but new to this site.My observation in west african countries shown that time is the essence of success.

              Some are born great , some become great by working towards time....

              So Long,
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                snvservices Wayfarer
                According to me it is like, it depends as what are the requirements and what it is providing to you as, if that email is worth for you then it is beneficial for you to respond, else there are lot of emails you will get and it just depends how that are beneficial.

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