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    Business Investigation and Security Training

    businessSIR Adventurer

      We at Business SIR (Security, Intelligence, Research) offer a detailed training program on how to conduct both internal and external theft cases. From giving an orientation in person to books and training material covering different topics, we have what you need. Business SIR is made up of experts in Loss Prevention, Asset Protection and Business Investigators. Loss happens to all companies large and small, and theft creates up to 60% of business loss. The types of topics that we cover are...

      Internal theft investigations: Including laws governing investigation and interview boundaries, civil recovery and prosecution

      External theft: Organized retail crime, burglaries, shoplifting, armed assault,

      Other forms of theft and loss: Counterfeit money and checks/creditcards, gift card fraud, identity theft, return fraud, workers compensation fraud and customer accidents

      What sets the experts at Business SIR apart is that we are business minded. We think of the bottom line for your company and how best to approach that when dealing with the issues of theft and loss. We have the ability to work with any company large or small and in any industry. If you have any questions about training and awareness programs for theft and loss please email us at

      Or visit our site at it has tons of free information already on topics of loss prevention, market research, business intelligence, and safety.