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          I know the frustration only ours is a Chocolate Shop. We have people asking all the time when we are opening a store and all the planning seems like a headache but hey I figure in the long run our dream will come true. We contacted SCORE, Luckiest will attest to how great SCORE is, and they are helping us with information we hadn't found yet. A good business plan will help along the way. I know it seems like a pain, I mean I make truffles that a priest called sinful and others have sworn off the top chocolatiers in my city wanting to buy mine and I can't sell them yet, but everyone I talk to wants to see the business plan. Our roadblock is finishing business plan and getting small funding to start, even have possible place for store that is perfect if we can get all in order. As for starting now or waiting it is a matter of what funding you have to start with and if you need outside sources they are going to want to see a business plan. Again SCORE is great at help with those and other resources. Through all of these processes we have struggled to keep the belief in what we are dreaming of doing but keep your eye on your dream and you'll make it happen, just take a lot of planning.Good luck which ever way you decide to go. Let me know how it goes.
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            Not only will SCORE help but there are also small business development centers (SBDCs) in your area (part of the SBA so they are free to use) that can help you research and develop your business plan.

            The economy does not matter if you want to start a business. What matters is if there is demand and customers for your products. You can have the greatest economy but still fail if you have no customers. Don't let the economy stop you - just set you mind and do whatever it takes to succeed.

            Financing is another matter but our website might be able to provide some information and resources to help get a better grasp of your situation.

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              While you should certainly take the economy into consideration, it shouldn't be the only or primary reason to start (or not start) a business.


              I wrote a post a little while back that was included in articles on,, The Washington Post, MSN Money and Yahoo Finance. I titled it, "Should I Start a Business in a Recession". Here's a link:




              Included in the piece are 12 primary concerns to consider when starting a business. The economy is included, but it is just one variable in the equation for launching a successful, sustainable business. I hope that you find the post helpful.


              Additionally, I have pages on my site to take you through the stages of Introspection, Planning, Research, Action, Review and Resources (where you will find a link for "phanio" under Funding who provides excellent financial advice).


              I hope this helps.


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