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    Start-up Questions Bed & Breakfast

    innkeeper Newbie

      Knowing where and how to advertise is a huge hurdle. I am starting up a Bed & Breakfast that sits on 16 acres in Virginia. Have had an Open House, given several complimentry stays, have a web site:, passed out brochures and business cards and advertised on the internet. Really need advice.
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          UncleLeon Scout
          This will just consider a small segment of the market. But, are you located near an airport, private Air Park, or runway?

          Pilots are always looking for an excuse to fly somewhere for a week-end You would have to offer a free "shuttle service". If you had some generally desireable activity it may help.

          Keep in mind that the key draw of a B&B is it's "charm". Laid-back activities are ideal.

          With 16 acres you could have horse back riding, archery, etc.

          Are you near a golf course? An arrangement with a nearby golf course would be qa match made in heaven.

          Are you near a good fishing spot?

          Are these things in your brochure?
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            Bluesuit Adventurer

            When I travel for leisure or business, I find out about my hotel or BB in the following ways:

            • I do a search on the web. Do you have a website and is the website searchable?
            • I also go to an online travel forum to read hotel/B&B ratings and reviews. Do you know about It's the most popular travel forum. Has someone written a review about your place yet?