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    Need SEO Help

    vharkish Adventurer
      I just stared an Online website for Belly Dancing Hip Scarfs and put in my own SEO, but can't come up anywhere in Google for my keywords, belly dance hip scarf. can anyone help?
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          The key phrase that you used is "just started". You need to have some patience. High ranking on the top search engines doesn't happen overnight. The number of other sites that come up under your keywords / key phrases searches will affect how quickly you can grab the top spot.

          I can see that you added in your keywords / phrases, so that is a good start. Links to and from reputable sites will help. Fresh, original content that is rich in your keywords is important. Some may suggest that you use PPC ads, but if your competition is small, you can get good ranking without paying - it just takes some time.

          I always rank on the first page of the top 5 major search engines (and often the top spot) for the keyword "solopreneur" and I got there without buying ads. It did take about two months of putting up three posts a week on my blog, linking with other sites and contributing to other sites with my signature to get there.

          I know that there are other members here that have a far superior grasp of SEO than I do so hopefully one of them will jump in and give some quick bullets of the things to implement.

          All the Best,

          Doug Dolan
          The Solopreneur's Guide

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            josephfreeman Wayfarer

            Make research for the search phrases used by the user for your business and expand them. You could use phrases like
            belly dance costumes,
            belly dance maternity
            belly dancer costume
            belly dance clothes
            belly dance music
            belly dance superstars
            belly dancer halloween costume
            belly dancers of color
            belly dancer lyrics
            belly dancer costumes
            belly dancer costume halloween
            belly dancer costume patterns
            belly dancer costume for kids belly dancer costumes for women belly dancer costume info belly dancer costumes for adults belly dancer costume child belly dancer costume for girls belly dancer costume accessories .

            Use these exact phrases (because they are in most real use TODAY) - in your page text content, description and urls.

            If you want real fast top position for the search engines - register several more domains - longer , no matter how long but containing more of your strategic words like for example or

            When I registered my domain I named it not because I am the best site editor, but this phrase was very much in use and a week after, a week, I was at top position for google, for the words "best site editor" .

            If the current content management system does not offer you Seo Manager, you better find one with such helping application , because you will need in the future to change the strategic words from time to time , and it should be easy for you to analyse the search queries that brings visits for you.

            I am not the best in that field , but have real experience and some successes.

            Good luck with the belly dancer costumes trading.




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                vharkish Adventurer
                Thank You, this helps me a lot, i'll get similar domains and see if that helps, and add the keywords,
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                    envisionary Wayfarer

                    The answer to you question could go on for days because you're basically asking a question upon which an entire industry is built - Internet Marketing. Traffic and quick indexing is what everyone with a website wants and needs to know. You've gotten some pretty good advice here on using "long-tail" keywords but I would have to disagree with the idea that you need to register multiple domains. Registering those domains is going to cost you money and if you're a typical start-up, you need to keep your costs to a minimum. There's also the fact that Google's algorithm changes frequently, and what works today for SEO may not work tomorrow.

                    Having said that, the one thing that the Google engine eats up is fresh content. Two things that are COST FREE and will get you some pretty quick traffic are article marketing and video marketing. You have a very unique market (niche) with your belly dance scarves. Do a little research and come up with some interesting ideas/stories about how to use those scarves, the different belly dance exercises, how beneficial belly dancing is to health, how to do sexy belly dancing, etc. Write some small articles, 3-4 paragraphs, that will focus on the information that you've got but will ALSO use some of those long-tail keywords. Starting off with the long-tail keywords can help you focus on the types of articles that you want/need to write. Now, you can submit those articles for free to article directories (they'll tell you the kind of format that they want your articles to follow) and you'll be able to include some reference info that can include your website link. The articles can take a few days to get approved, but once they are approved Google will usually have them indexed in hours or minutes.

                    NOW, if you want even faster results, you can take those same articles and head over to YouTube. Turn your article into a video, using text screens instead of "live" action if you prefer, and post those on youtube. YouTube videos are normally indexed within a couple of hours. If you have a mac, you can make your videos using iMovie. If you use a pc, you can google free video editing programs and take your pick. Like most things that are IM related, there is a trick to this too... you will need to search YouTube for videos on similar topics to yours. Pay attention to the ones that are getting the most views. Why? Take a look over to the right side of the video where you will see the description. You'll also see keywords, or tags. You will want to use the same keywords/tags that those highly viewed videos are using so that you can funnel a bit of that traffic.

                    I could go on and on, but I hope that this gives you enough info to get started. These two methods are great because they are totally FREE and they are LOVED by the search engines - they just take a bit of time to put in place. But if you are a bit of a techie, you can breeze through all of this in a day. Trust me, these two techniques will get you really great results.

                    Congrats on the new site. Hope this helps.
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                  TmasterMind Newbie

                  You have to put more patience as you have to be more friendly to search engines through more organic links, reliable contents, follows, link exchanges and affiliates. These are just some of the points to be considered while you get your website into large exposure in the web. Also, I would agree with those numbers of niches to be created through mini sites/blogs to also be easily crawled by the engines. You shouldn't stick on only "belly dancing" but you should go more beyond it to also catch your target audience's interest. As your time will be highly consumed, you can also get your staff help on your behalf while you administer more niches for them to create contents. This way, it can be easier for you to meet affiliates, and build more plans in the future as you get more free time.

                  Hope that also adds help :) you may see more ideas here where I found tons of help:
                  MassOutsource (dot) com/Report

                  Good luck!
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                    marinasv Newbie
                    Highly recommend a seo forum: You could find lots of useful information there.
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                      FreakyFlicker Adventurer
                      Got a guy that is great

                      talk with Joe Perez 702-539-2900 tell him David asked you to call
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                        rohnsmith Newbie
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