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    want to start a clothing line of my own

    johnsmith8111 Newbie
      want to start a clothing line of my own, what is it that i have to do?
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          jimmybelt Adventurer
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            First, I recommend that you determine the Unique Value Proposition (UVP) of your business. Basically, your UVP details what sets you apart from the competition. It will indicate who your target market is and why they will buy from you as compared to other similar clothing lines.


            When creating your UVP, it is better to be more specific than less. A UVP that tries to grab too large of a market or is too generic is less likely to succeed than a UVP based upon servicing a specific niche. Once you dominate a niche, you can then grow into other lines or markets. But, it is better to start off with a smaller focus and then grow it then the other way around.


            Second, after you complete your UVP, get to work on developing your business plan based upon your UVP. This will force you to research your market (customers and competitors) as well as determine if your idea has the possibility of being profitable.


            If you are unfamiliar with creating a business plan, here's a link to a free page on my site that gives all the key elements and what to take into consideration when drafting each section.




            Hope this helps.


            Doug Dolan


            The Solopreneur's Guide